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  • SuspendedAnimation SuspendedAnimation Apr 12, 1998 3:46 AM Flag

    On Splits.......

    I have a question on how splits work... How long do you have to own a stock to have your shares split? Say I buy a stock that will split 2-1 after trading today. Do my shares double the next day, or did I have to own it for a while to have my shares split? If its the latter, then you could get screwed buying something for 100 a share, when the next day its at 50. Someone please enlighten me. Thanks!

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    • You are eligible for the split right up to the proposed date. For instance, Quik is splitting on April 24....that means
      after the closing bell on april 24 the stock price will be cut in half...therefore you can buy the stock right up to the closing
      bell on the 24th and be eligible for the split....the split price will be reflected on the 25th, so if you want to own a 100
      shares just buy 50 shares before the 24th and on the 25th you will own 100....As for the record recieve the dividend for
      this quarter most companies offer a record date (quik is the 14), this entitles the shareholder to the dividend for this quarter
      if they buy the stock before the date...don't confuse record date with split date

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      • Hey , just want to make sure that the info on getting in on the split is right. When the split was announced it said that it was only good for people of record on the 16th of april and did not mention anything about divedends. It seems to me that either they announced it wrong or your not eligilble unless you are a record holder of the 16th. I read this on the news portion of quik ticker symbol. Maybe you can check it out .... Im really confused now.

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