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  • La_Jolla_Bound La_Jolla_Bound Jun 9, 1999 10:54 AM Flag


    I too am so happy to be paid to tell others how
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    • Looking at the q1 numbers it appears that zqk
      resorted to one of
      the standard tricks for boosting
      sales figures...shipping out a
      lot of goods under
      relaxed credit terms...hence the boost in
      a/r. This
      trick can come back to haunt if real demand does
      exist in the market place While i do not think zqk is a
      wounded cow it is certainly a lame one until the next
      quarter earnings either confirm or allay suspicions. if
      you have faith in this stock buy more if it nears it
      low (perhaps 12) in august

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    • Hey there, blondesurfer, I was thinking about
      your last message. This is what I believe. I don't
      think in the short run this stock will push past $26
      this being very optimistic. Well let us think about
      it, before earnings this stock was actually falling,
      and came as low as $25 a few short days before the
      release of earnings. There is nothing this summer that
      will move the price, and in the past this stock hasn't
      moved in the summer months. Maybe an analyst
      recommendation might move this stock for a short time before the
      big institutional buyers once again sell stock. With
      interest rate fears I would rather be sitting with some
      cash instead of sitting on a stock with little medium
      term potential. Look at last summer this when this
      stock plummetted to as low as $12 with the rest of the
      market. If the market is weak this stock could easily go
      bellow $20. I really don't want to see that happen. I
      actually sold today for a bit of a loss after buying when
      the price initially dropped. I had been watching this
      stock for a few months and felt it wast the time to get
      in, but why sit on something that isn't going to move
      when there seem to be some major blood letting going
      on. I am going to hold my cash for a while, and look
      for a good entering point into some other stocks that
      are crashing and burning presently. I hope to get
      back into Quiksilver sometime in the future when I
      actually have more money to invest, because this company
      is great. Good luck.

    • Does anyone think that we will recover what we lost last week, that is in the short run?

    • Anyone out there have any guesses or ideas as to
      what the support and resistance level might be for
      this stock. Does Quiksilver ever release any news in
      the summer to help move the price, or are earnings in
      September the next big highlight.

    • I have a good feeling the price will go back up.
      I was reading an article in the LA Times, and in
      the Orange County section an analyst was quoted as
      saying the selling was way overdone. What do all of you
      out there think?

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    • This one will not drop any lower than 23.PPI
      report was showing inflation is in check. The market
      will have all weekend to think about that.Gold prices
      are low.Silver prices are low, that means no true
      sign of inflation. You put that together with a stock
      that has ZQK's numbers and you get a major return of
      institutional buying. The earnings for this company are too
      great to keep it at this low valuational stock price.

    • The reason is because individuals like you read
      too much into what was/or wasn't said. Obviously,
      Quicksilver has known about the move and has already factored
      in the cost. Also, they don't have to inform you of
      the move. Unless you work there, it doesn't really
      matter. If you understand finance and how companies are
      run, you should know there is more than meets the eye.
      It seems to me that every quarter individuals like
      yourself question the sustainable growth rate of
      Quicksilver, and every quarter Quicksilver comes in ahead as
      usuall. Unless you have some concrete evidence as to an
      actual problem that Quicksilver is experiencing, quick
      making assumptions.

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