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  • eddie_would_invest eddie_would_invest Sep 29, 1999 12:23 AM Flag

    Suedynm...You know what your problem is

    You and others like Hibernia cannot handle the
    truth. Threaten with SEC complaint. Give me a break.
    Fraud is more or less, a misleading statement. I've
    posted the truth, and you know it. The fact that you
    don't like it is something you have to deal with. Did I
    cause the stock to drop from 30 to 15? Did I cause ZQK
    to post luke warm earnings? Did I hire incompetent
    staff (like the restaurant guy)? Not me. Truth is an
    absolute defense. Look no further than the company, their
    financials, and the technical analysis.

    No fraud here,
    just fact. You want to report my guest.

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    • read #963 a little dialogue between a short who by the way was right, and the board. I own more now by the way That 10 share stuff was tongue in cheek

    • Not many stocks drop for 4 days in a row.
      Tomorrow will make the clean sweep for the week. Volume
      continues to be weak (less than 100K shares traded) on 51
      total trades.

      EddieW37...the faucet continues to
      leak. Like bleeding a slow, but certain death.

    • Every day this week, ZQK took a hit. Not many
      stocks lose value every in, day out. Volume
      continues to be light, and the number or trades is just
      rediculous. Today, only 51 trades...but better than

      EddieW37...the faucet continues to leak. Like dying a slow, but
      certain death...

    • Like I told you yesterday, there is JUST NO
      INTEREST in this stock. Today, there was a grand total of
      49 TRADES on volume of 32,000 shares...the last four
      hours had only 4,000 shares traded.

      surprisingly, ZQK fell again for the third straight
      a leaky faucet that can't be fixed. IMHO, no one in
      the company has a clue on what to do.

    • If you look at the chart, you will always notice
      that there is a buyer out there willing to dump the
      shares. The problem is, there are no takers. Who in their
      right mind would want to buy ZQK now!!! No buying
      pressure? Think again, there is just NO

      Earnings at .34 per share???? I doubt that very, very,
      very much. The hint of flat to poor earnings was made
      by Marty Samuels in the conference call in
      September. This, coupled with the early release of November
      and December orders only confirms the suspicion that
      earnings will be bad. Look at the entire industry...sales
      are off. What makes you think ZQK is any different.
      Their prices are too high, the competition is getting
      stiff, and the lines are just not attractive anymore.
      Your .34 per share is about .10 too high!!!

    • The volume shows that few are willing to sell.
      Low volume on a down day. All it will take is a
      little buying pressure and we will see 20. It appeares
      to me earnings should come in at .34.
      You are a
      few french fries short of a happy meal! Psun has a
      lot higher average volume than zqk. Go ahead and buy
      psun at it's high, it has a much higher multiple for
      earnings that zqk.

    • Two days in a row that ZQK is down this week (and
      we still have 3 more trading days left), back to
      trading in the 15 range. IMHO, 14 and less is right
      around the corner.

      Don't expect any news from the
      company. The only time we hear from them is at earnings,
      and that's about a month away. In the mean time, I
      will watch this stock drop out of the current trading
      range, and go lower and lower.

    • Wow, 88 trades for ZQK today, with volume of less
      than 70,000 shares. I keep telling you that no one
      cares about this stock.

      PSUN on the other hand,
      had 10 times the volume on over 400 trades. Not
      surprising that PSUN is near its 52 week high, and ZQK is
      near its 52 week low.

    • EddieW37...everytime ZQK takes a hit, you post.
      Must be your way of venting. I would do the same if I
      lost as much as you are losing. As for me, I
      previously gave you two winners (which you made money on),
      and I have since doubled my portfolio value. What's
      it been, about a month? I would have given you more,
      but heck, you have those so called super advisors
      behind you to help you lose money...

      As far as
      ZQK is concerned, look out for the big hit. PSUN
      posted outstanding earnings, smashing the estimate, and
      the stock went down today. ZQK will not, and I
      repeat, WILL NOT meet the estimate of .33 cents per
      share. And even in the unlikely event they do, the stock
      will still get smashed. IMHO.

      Look for the
      analysts to AGAIN LOWER THE PRICE TARGETS, and cover this
      downgrade with a buy rating...LOL.

      As far as long
      term investing is concerned, this is just another way
      of saying "my portfolio is getting smashed...but I'm
      in it for the long haul." Must be your expert
      advisors telling you this.

      By the way, did ZQK
      pre-ship your November and December orders? I'm sure they
      did, they need squeeze every penny this quarter.

    • You didn't like SFE in the 60's enough to buy it.
      That's only about 60 pts you missed. ICGE you only
      missed about 80 pts.You said you liked CMGI better. And
      here you're putzing around with 2 or 3 pts. Like I
      said, I'll be here a year from now and you'll be on
      some other board with a brand new name trying to bs
      people. What part of long term investing don't you
      understand? And who's the real idiot?
      good trading to
      your friend Eddie

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