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  • paradigm888 paradigm888 Feb 3, 2000 3:09 PM Flag

    up on big volume

    How many trades today Eddie? Noticed that PSUN
    had great numbers and ZQK is their largest account.
    Men's numbers in single digits(good for a spring/summer
    retailer)and womens numbers in the teens. Thanks to Quiksilver
    they have great sales. Not a whole lot of selling
    today Eddie. Maybe no one believes your B.S.

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    • I didn't forget to look for the season code
      listing we talked about earlier, I just can't seem to
      find it. The post by Female Mgr. is right, in that the
      current season alpha symbol, and you just have to go
      backwards for prior seasons.

      The Quik shirts your
      wife bought for you from Ross is one season old...but
      like I said earlier, if you haven't seen them before,
      their "new" to you.

      Just don't tell anyone that
      you got it at Ross'. Man, ZQK has got to get out of
      those cheap stores! What did your wife pay? I bet she
      got it for 50% least!

    • What about the issues with the management team?
      How will this effect the future of the company?

    • i found this stock a few months ago..zqk is
      considered a smallcap stock.smallcaps are showing some
      strength right now as people sell off their bluechips. i
      bought in this week..the stock has potential and more
      people will come back to this sector overtime looking
      for value plays..also this co.actually makes a profit
      something that is not in vogue rightnow.patience.warren
      buffet is the best value investor in the world.he is not
      a daytrader he buys and holds companys he feels wil
      make money over the long i said before this is
      not in vogue right now. but, it will come around
      again .even walmart and bestbuy are struggling right

    • Hi Surferdude - couple comments:
      1) I enjoy
      your reasonable attempts to discuss issues on this
      2) At the most recent trade shows (ASR in Long Beach
      and MAGIC in Vegas), I saw copies of the Quik Line
      lists for the product they are selling now. Their
      Summer 2000 line list indicated it would ship to stores
      in March of this year, which I presume means it will
      be on the stores floor some time starting in April.
      All of the styles listed had a 'V' in front of it.
      Example V108xxx. So if you go backwards on the shirt your
      wife bought, where the style # shown starts with a
      'Q', I think that means it is old product that would
      date back to Quik's Spring 1999 line, or product that
      would have been sold at regular
      surf/specialty/department stores back in January of 1999. Sounds like
      excess product, which is usually what goes to all the
      Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls stores from ALL branded labels
      after regular selling season are over.
      3) 'Assembled
      in Haiti' would mean that the fabric would have come
      from USA and that the garment was sewn in Haiti. Most
      product these days from ALL branded labels come from all
      over the globe.

    • I was curious to see if you could date the shirt
      described in post #1709. You'd also be interested to know
      that Ross is another "cheap" store that you can add to
      the list. My wife just bought me two more Quik shirts
      there. The tags are RN#22443 CA#32350 Style#Q108078 and
      RN22443 CA32550. Note these are the same or almost the
      same as the shirt purchased 8 months ago. One shirt
      also has a tag that says "Assembled in

      What's your take?

    • Most people I know leave their computers at home
      when they go on a vacation. And if it's a business
      trip....the last thing they would do is spend time on this
      board. It might be wiser to spend time on a surfboard
      (if you know how)
      than this "board."


    • I was in Long Beach for ASR, then flew in to San
      Francisco, visiting some friends, having some good food and
      a great time. I'm here until Friday, then the
      "gang" will fly to Tahoe for some skiing/boarding. Leave
      Monday morning for Las Vegas to take in MAGIC, then back

      No surfing on this trip, although I may still go to
      Santa Cruz for a day...haven't made up my mind yet.

    • I miss So Cal. I used to live out there.

    • I need to pull some papers in my office to tell
      you exactly what the Season alpha code was for the
      shirt your wife purchased for you from Marshalls. I
      can't remember off hand what the alpha codes are off
      the top of my head.

      Right now, I'm on the
      west coast on "vacation" until MAGIC which starts next

    • I probably would have paid a lot more but why
      would I when I can get it cheaper at Marshalls. I don't
      care if its last year's line. I'm not a kid worrying
      about having the latest fashion. I can't tell the
      difference anyway. They should dump their excess inventory
      overseas instead of in the Marshalls type

      So, right now I'm wearing a Quik shirt my wife bought
      at Marshall's last summer. The tag says "RN 22443 CA
      32550". Can you tell me how old it was when my wife
      bought it?

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