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  • dickiev3 dickiev3 Mar 20, 2012 10:27 PM Flag


    Why are you shouting everything. Seriously, you need to get some serious help here. Why are you so bitter on FIO. If it sucks so back, then find something else. And what does GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG mean. Everything you have posted is completely wrong. FIO has an amazing technology that is changing the entire datacenter. THe CEO is an amazingly intelligent man, great speaker, and knows exactly what he is doing. The executives, for the most part, are seasoned and very much in control. And their advisors are top notch. This is a business, not a means for you to do day trading or short the stock to make a quick buck. This stock will be above $50 in the next 6 months, sorry if that is back news.

    Please try and use one topic to get all your bashing of FIO in so we dont' have to see 15 topics in all caps that really don't make sense.

    If you would like to respond to this, feel free. But please use full sentences that make sense. Have a point. Back those points up with some sort of facts, and let us all know why you think FIO sucks so bad, as you seem to be the only one who is so completely obsessed, spending all your day writing new topics. Yes, other think it suck too, but at the end of the day, the price of the stock is all that I care about.

    And again, go outside. Get a hobby. It's not that bad.

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