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  • whatdidido1970 whatdidido1970 Mar 26, 2012 6:16 PM Flag

    lol ok since march 8th this is DOWN 9 times and up 3 lol hahah now

    argue with that idiot.Since you want to be so accurate.Thats pathetic and so is this stock.
    march 8th close was 31.65
    march 9th 31.65
    march 10th 31.59
    march 12th 31.25
    march 13th 32.25 (up)
    march 14th 32.05
    march 15th 30.93
    march 16th 30.85
    march 19th 30.15
    march 20th 29.40 ( anice 5 days in a row and at this point down 7 of 8 yeah its a great stock
    march 21st 29.91(up)
    march 22nd 29.06
    march 23rd 30.15(up) options ex fix
    march 26th 29.53 and right back down.

    Seven down days out of 8 and STILL no decent recovery..yeah disrupting yeah how about disrupting shr longs ports haha its crap buy puts and make some money..

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    • So draw a line from the June IPO at $19.00 to today at $29.53. That's a nice up and to the right line. Disruption is seen over months and years not daily or weekly. Any stock can lose you money on a daily basis.

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      • Don't bother with this guy. He is deliberately being disruptive.

        Let's just hope he takes out a second mortgage and shorts the crap out of this stock. Maybe then he will learn.

      • if that makes u feel better then fine.the bottomline is is broke through resistance of 30/31 weeks ago only to fall back under.its down way more than up and to be down on a day like yesterday when the averages were hitting highs???its not good.You say its taking a break??? great stocks that the street wants take breaks for a few days if that..not a few weeks!!!Someone said a double??? i see an ipo at 19 and a shr price of 29???? Not to mention its given back over 50% of its high which a GREAT stock doesnt do and if it does...its met with huge buying and driven back up.This pulled back to mid 20's for a high @40??? and is still 29.The last break above 30/31 should have firmly put it in the 34/36 range at a min..especially in this market and it didnt???? I think its junk and i will shut up as soon as it gets back AND CAN HOLD 33/34/35... OTHER THAN THAT I LOVE MY PUTS.Some mention long if your tech stock isnt near its highs in THIS dead when the market corrects..this pig will be 19/20 all over agin and youll have zip to show for it in one of the best years ever.hell you only have 10 pts from the ipo and falling..great job..haha

    • How many stocks do you have in your portfolio that have doubled in the last 52 weeks....Let FIO take a breather if she wants; she deserves it, especially with a 100% return on our investment...

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      • lol actually its 19 to thats not 100% this pig already gave OVER HALF back and is trending down.I bought cmi ffiv mako in jan and all have done better and i bough amzn at the end of feb and that is flying as well and should be in this market.This is a joke.If its 29 at market highs where the hell do you think its going when the market corrects???think about it.It should be 41/42 with a 50 target and when the market corrects should come down to 29/30/31 but its ALREADY here in a BOOMING market???Your done buddy