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  • whatdidido1970 whatdidido1970 Mar 27, 2012 5:46 AM Flag

    lol ok since march 8th this is DOWN 9 times and up 3 lol hahah now

    lol actually its 19 to thats not 100% this pig already gave OVER HALF back and is trending down.I bought cmi ffiv mako in jan and all have done better and i bough amzn at the end of feb and that is flying as well and should be in this market.This is a joke.If its 29 at market highs where the hell do you think its going when the market corrects???think about it.It should be 41/42 with a 50 target and when the market corrects should come down to 29/30/31 but its ALREADY here in a BOOMING market???Your done buddy