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  • fttcapital fttcapital Apr 10, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

    look for announcement

    a note came across my desk this morning concerning a buyout. i crumbled it up and threw it out. how many times do we need to hear this?

    since that note i have had 5 brokers and 2 more notes today after 12 noon about an announcement that will be coming out either tomorrow or thursday concerning a deal with Oracle.

    believe whatever you want, say what you want. my sources are good. had brokers call yesterday at 10am regarding the facebook deal. watch and see.

    i dont visit this board much, but since the 28% decline in 27 days i felt compelled to share this with those retail investors who are pulling their hair out right now.

    good luck to all and hold tight, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    sorry i wont be back on this board to respond to all the bashing that will take place following this post. although i will stop by friday.

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