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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Nov 15, 2012 9:55 AM Flag

    Why 22 of 26 largest Holders added last Q

    and will likely continue to add here...

    During the September Q, the trade weighted volume here was substantially higher than current levels and as high at $32. As documented in the 13F filings, during that 3 months, 11 of the 13 largest (and 22 of the 26 largest) holders added to or initiated a position in FIO.

    While it is obvious they, like everyone else long the shares, would have rather waited until now to add, the reality is that FIO continues to beat on the revenue, earnings and ebitda guidance every quarter, a trend we see continuing. Such outlook is certainly reinforced by the results put up this week by CSCO and NTAP, both of which have publicly announced they are specifying FIO's cut through data storage/retrieval solutions in their OEM work for clients.

    Moreover, FIO's key selling point, the extraordinary cost-benefit there solution brings to customers (which is a 5-10x payback), is something that is playing out well not only with their strategic customers (expanding applications and depth with AAPL,FB and now China Mobile is in the mix), but with every enterprise out there retrieving and storing big data. The corporate market is flush with cash it needs to put to work, but until the conterproductive, GDP crimping healthcare and taxation costs and issues are clarified and ameliorated, they aren't going to be expanding employment or new ventures in any big way. That means FIO will not only continue growing with their key strategic customers, they will also continue to be on the top of the list for enterprise IT budgets rolling forward.

    FIO is in a sweet spot pending economic malaise resolution... and once the malaise ends and gov't work resumes someday, FIO will be in an even sweeter spot in the tech sector. Big data and mobility and social networking are just getting going... FIO is front row and center with the key and up and coming players.

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    • Why aren't they adding new clients by the dozens if their technology is so superior and cost effective? They have a very modest number of clients.

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      • Bogus buyout rumors seem to be the only hope for this stock. Stock price not reflecting your optimism. I don't see companys pounding down their door for any significant business. My optimism is waning big time.Long 2,000 but thinking about reducing down in half. Appreciate your response.

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      • What are you doing? Setting up an infomercial for squeezetracker? Your questions could not be better timed and placed relative to giving squeezetracker an opening for providing valuable info. I love it. Keep asking as squeezetracker has the answers (irrefutable facts).

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      • They ARE adding new clients "by the dozens". If you read the SEC file, you'll learn they just began working with China Mobile as strategic customer #3 after AAPL and Faceplant.

        You'll also learn that they have 25 new $1m+ REVENUE customers added during the last 15 months. As with AAPL and FB we can expect that once customers begin benefiting from 5-10 to 1 paybacks they will add additional applications/capacity. Customers are also just getting going on S2... MILES TO RUN HERE!!!

        And if you actually study the Company and its business plan and execution since the ipo, then you'll know they are just beginning to ramp up the corporate infrastructure and salesforce to expand beyond what they have for customers so far. The impact of that expansion process is that they will be able to handle more projects on a rapid basis vs having to do the prioritization we saw last quarter when they got Facebook's the second phase of FB's first of 8 new high end data centers done on an expedited basis last quarter.

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