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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Dec 10, 2012 3:40 PM Flag

    13F Filings a/o Sep 30 (21 of 30 largest added)

    Last quarter 21 of the 30 largest holders added to or initiated their position in FIO. One (1) fund remained flat, leaving 8 that exited or reduced holdings.

    Recent experiences on other companies we followed have been VERY favorable for the longs, the latest example being GMCR with 23 of the largest 30. We made the same point there prior to the latest reversal on that gem and continue to hold it as well (hedged to $40 on that; unhedged here aftr pulling the offset shares recently as documented here.

    Most of these 13f players tend to actually study understand the companies they invest in seriously, and while the stock has lagged recently, we think that is about to rocket reverse. It won;t be long now... pay attention to NTAP and CSCO for the prelude to the enterprise OEM business. That is going alot better than the street has been discounting, and those two stocks are up 12 and 19% over the last month or so as noted on the other thread.

    See you all above $25 while the unsophisticated unhedged shorts (like the guy who reads some retail gadfly newsletter) try to figure out why all the short hedges are being paired off ahead of their knowledge. LOL

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    • Someone suggested that the big bad shorts are still out there on this... LOL

      You guys might want to study the 100 day chart a bit and check out the obv, institutional money flows and note that the big volume days have been up days. So now today it seems some small hedge fund thinks it is a good day to turn on the algo sell program here, perhaps on the idea that the forbes article marks a near term top? With the tape, chart and 13Fs all revealing quality institutional support LOL at trying to push this down much. FIO has a huge runway ahead of it with CSCO and NTAP builidng OEM gear with the io2 solution. AAPL and FB ans Salesforce and china Mobile are all installing FIO gear as well.

      Did I mention FB's Oregon site (2 phases) is only the first of 8 they have said will be built over the next 2 years? Yeah... and they are excellent candidates for several more applications on the io2... Here's a surprise for those shorting: the street really is figuring out the runway here.

      Unhedged shorts should be lining up at the curb for their head first trip under the bus. LOL

    • Hi squeezetracker,

      where do you check for 13 F filings. Does it have names of the funds that buy? I wanted to see who is buying at what price. I am long this stock for last 6 months and willing to hold it for another 1 year to 18 months.

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      • The Edgar system is the reliable source for all SEC filings for each registrant. All registered funds disclose their holdings every quarter. You will not see what price bought or sold -- only the net change in shares and end of period holdings. As for basis and prices paid/sold, you'll need to make assumptions about gross sells/buys and #$%$ trading in the subject stock over the quarter in question with charts, OBV, MF other filers and the like. Not rocket science, but beyond broad brush, not easy either.

        The NASDAQ site also posts up the 13Fs, but historically that information is almost as bad as pos YHOO when it comes to consistency and accuracy.