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  • cbmlb2002 cbmlb2002 Dec 11, 2012 1:51 PM Flag

    Glad I bought yesterday

    Go FIO...back to 30...I also challenge shorts on this bet
    Good luck to All

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • i bought more yest as well, you need to accumulate on dips, we will be winning soon enough

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You guys may not realize that most of "the shorts" on this story now are actually net longs. These largely professional manager shorts were hedges into the quarter as many tech companies were bemoaning that the "macro" [environment was going to be really rough for IT projects from their customers... the recent CSCO and NTAP reports dispelled that notion for the "big data" and memory/storage plays, and other companies have piled onto that bullishness for the niche in the last two weeks. This is the dynamic my partner and I have been explianing for the last two weeks...

      Those that had room to add this as a speculative position are likely going to make a nice pile in a compressed timeframe because as more than a few here understand (incl the data center guys and software engineers), FIO is in the sweet spot for cloud applications and otherwise retrieving and holding the huge files representing "big data".

      Yes, good luck to all... but the unhedged shorts are going to be mashed into the pavement now as the short hedges come off as quietly as possible.

      Repeat: we pulled our hedges last week and are back to 100% long on this third round trip since the ipo. See you all above $30 in January...

    • With you on that, bought yesterday to! Nice ride!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I added some position to this stock yesterday before market closed and i am smiling today all day....listened to the scare tactics of the shorts on green mountain and sold my position at $28 to only look around and the stock shot up $6 -$7 the next day and i had to bite my finger and stamped on everything...
        wasn't going to do that here...anyways here you go FIO just keep on going baby....Hope it switched from sell off...Too early to tell, but i know i will add on more position if it drops below this as well, knowning it will go all the way up to $35 in the next several months from now...
        squeezetracker i should have listened to u on green couple of weeks ago. You made more sense then and making more sense now with fio too...anyways best of lucks to all..