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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Jan 11, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    It will be sold...

    in another couple years...

    those buying today on round 7 of the "buyout rumors" are likely to be disappointed.

    Make no mistake, we certainly think think the stock is going a lot higher ($25+ on earnings) but not on bs sale rumors.

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    • Why do you still post here? The need to act out your psychodrama on the internet? Stick to crossdressing and porn, please.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • shanek007 Feb 6, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

      So now you change your tune.... Lol

    • NTAP needs to buy FIO now to compete with the big boys. Cash and stock allows FIO shareholders future appreciation in NTAP shares. NTAP must be aggressive with its strategy.

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      • NTAP and CSCO are already incorporating the FIO software and SSD specifications in their OEM systems installs in high end data centers. So is ORCL for that matter...

        So what makes you think that NTAP, CSCO or ORCL "must" do anything differently than the present arrangements given friendly partner FIO would be retarded to sign a deal with premia based upon the current (ridiculously cheap) valuation of the shares? Apart from your view of NTAP's business plan objectives, FIO has its own objectives which DO NOT INCLUDE SELLING OUT EARLY AT A HUGE DISCOUNT TO END GAME FRANCHISE VALUE. No one is going to pay them 3x the current stock price or more... extracting an exit at those levels will require the stock to be above $40 or so based on meaningful deal comps.

        As we've suggested, it is pretty obvious -- if you listen to management's comments on this topic over time -- that they are a savvy group and see the end game as a sale to a strategic partner... but getting to the end game valuations we have framed will require demonstration of significant revenue growth. Such progress will require FIO to work closely with the big OEMs noted, and continue to harvest revenue growth from all of their present and coming strategic customers (Faceplant, AAPL, Salesforce, China Mobile) as well.

    • As my partner has explained well many times, this won't be sold anytime soon. This BOD and the option laden executives will want to extract full value when they do sell, and a sale today, at even a 50% premium, would be like selling a new RR Phantom for $62k. It is just not going to happen.

      Out say two years, with FIO reporting two years of close to 75%+ EPS growth and further earnings upside then clearly visible and discounted well in the share price (say up around $50 or so), perhaps management and the BOD will be interested in a sale at say $60+...

      This is about the 10th time since the ipo we've seen retail traders who have no idea what the technology is even about and the occasional potty mouthed chump piling in here expecting an immediate jump on a takeout that won't be happening for a couple of years, but then the stock should get hopping (round 5 now since the IPO) once the uncertainty created by EMC and the Blair chump are stomped with strong revenue, cash flow growth and updated guidance. That reckoning is coming on January 30th.

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      • I see that two chumps have replied to my partner's comments here. I'm sure that whatever they have written is a waste of time and won't bother signing out or trying to take them off ignore to see what they said. One Shead comment is plenty for me to put gumps on ignore.

        As I wrote on my post regarding how the badly missed, disappointing quarterly guidance for the current quarter changes everything for this company's timeline on remaining independent, whether Dave or Wozniak or the entire BOD like it or not, the reality is that everything about the patience they had earned from beating guidance every quarter since the ipo has evaporated now.

        Add that to the M&A events heating up this space and even a gump ought to be able to understand why we believe FIO is now in play, like it or not.

        Notice that we are not talking about unsubstantiated rumors, limiting our comments to out own perspective as developed from watching the niche developments and things the likely strategic acquirors are saying and doing over the 3 weeks since we said there was no deal coming the weekend of the subject post? We are sure everyone except the tards can figure that out.

        By the way, there is nothing new here today -- but do see my framing comments on yesterday's "in play now" post and...

        Also search CSCO here if you missed the commentary shared by Chambers at Davos. Additionally, the comments regarding the Open conference have been aired here on several threads -- that alone puts FIO in the sights of ORCL. Lastly, the threads discussing the Seagate/Virident deal from last week are straightforward -- simple enough even a gump should be able to process what is happening here.

        Again, see the new post "In Play now."

      • so you're telling me 30% short on this stock is retail dummies and not smart money?

      • shanek007 Feb 6, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

        And here is your alter egos response, I guess you where calling yourself an idiot.... Karma lol

    • #$%$ you you #$%$ idiot!


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