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  • vodlkadrunk vodlkadrunk Mar 6, 2013 9:58 PM Flag

    Fusion IO Embezzlement

    In two weeks Fusion IO will push a secondary dilution. Lazard Capital is just trying to pump relative share price so the secondary can fill Fusion IOs treasury a little fuller. If this was pharma, it would be understandable, but this is tech. Management should of had the profit model worked out before the first IPO. THEY HAVENT EARNED A DIME IN PROFIT IN EIGHT YEARS!!!!!!!! Art Hogan look at the picture, this fusion IO is going to make you look like an even worse idiot! As for the share holders, every penny you spend on this stock is gap equity for the employees of Fusion IO, which means... since the company isn't making money, YOU are paying their salary. They are getting paid, are YOU? David Flynn and Management are taking advantage of the shareholder. Stop listening to buyout #$%$, they didn't take an offer at $35 or $33, so what makes you think they will take an offer now? Read the last quarter, they issued millions in potential profit as extra salary to management. David Flynn is hustling share holders and investors, if I had lost a large amount of money as an investor, I would get a lawyer and investigate for embezzlement.

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    • The company isn't even 8 years old. They have turned a profit since their IPO less than two years ago. And during their last earnings call they reported having $400 million cash. So what are you talking about an equity round? I think you have the wrong company or you are intentionally trying to mislead readers of this forum.

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      • You need to read before you post.
        Formed 2005 2013-2005=8 years
        What fiscal year was net positive?
        You need to read last Quarter, they pre announced a 15- 20% increase in net share holder equity of around 110 million shares or more.

        I'll make money all day long off of people like you who buy with out doing do diligence, you are better off gambling at casino.