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  • vodlkadrunk vodlkadrunk Mar 7, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    rciauri2001 "Whaaaaaaa!!!!"....Crying!!!

    rciauri2001..."I bought this stock much much higher cause squeezetracker told me too, I've lost my #$%$ in it and anyone who tells the truth about it makes me feel angry and frustrated, I don't understand how stocks work or the market, I trade off of what people say on message boards, when someone posts an off the wall bullish target for my cra*p stock, I believe every word, whaaaaaaaaaaa sob sob!"

    divkiev3 "I bought this stock cause it looked oversold, I dont know anything about it, which is why when someone posts something contrary to my future hopes all I can do is give them a lesson on their grammar and spelling"

    winston10024 "I too bought this stock way higher, I know I should have sold when I had a chance, but I am up to my eyeballs in this FIO, I like to post that I am starting a new position, cause it makes me feel better, but I didnt realize that Yahoo stores all my old messages."

    loserworld_2000 "I like to randomly blurt things because I completely believe I am influencing 16 million to 32 million dollars in stock price action every day"

    ratashi "I am rciauri2001's little crying brother"

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