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  • vodlkadrunk vodlkadrunk Mar 14, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    BREAKING NEWS Fusion IO!!!

    Fusion IO to acquire property at Salt Lake City Utah land fill. When questioned, FIO CEO Flynn said, "Its best to get a plot early before VMW, EMC, TOSHIBA, and VIOLIN take our three best customers away." FIO Bulls replied by posting outrageous stock predictions on message boards. FIO Bears replied by buying thousands of PUTS in June.

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    • You really need to stop drinking and saying ridiculous things on this message board. I think I speak for most of us that we are looking for actual information, not bitterness. Now, first off, please don't group all companies that deal in solid state storage as the same thing. I know it is catchy and an easy target, but VMW has nothing to do with FIO, nor would they take any of their business. FIO would actually enhance how VMW works. EMC doesn't have a similar solution. They claim to, just to make people think that they are on the cutting edge. But not so much. Plugging a few PCI cards into a server doesn't do it. This isn't about hardware, FIO is a SOFTWARE company. It is about the drivers and software that manage the flash. Toshiba has a product, but again, not as enterprise ready as FIO, nor do they have the software to support it. And if I hear "Violin will take all FIO's business again", I might puke. Please educate yourself on what the Violin solution is. Violin is centralized storage. A big box with a ton of flash on it. FIO can be used that way, but the focus is distributive storage, lowering footprint, putting a card in each box to utilize each processor completely, which has always been an issue. CPU utilization. Using it as a cache. High end video in a single box. There are so many options. Do you really think that Apple or Facebook are going to change their datacenter footprint to go with Violin. Nope. Too late for that. They put a card in each box they deploy, and they deploy thousands per month. I hope you have learned something. This is what the message boards are for, not spewing bitter feelings because you didn't get hired.

    • buying AKAM???