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  • ben_stiller36 ben_stiller36 Mar 20, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    Nvidia partnership

    The roadmap in question clearly shows Maxwell arriving in 2014, one year behind the original schedule. One of key features of this architecture will be Unified Virtual Memory, expanding from the shackles of 1, 2 (and soon, 4 Gbit) GDDR5 memory chips to addressing the memory. However, what might surprise you is that Nvidia is not referring to the standard addressing of the Host CPU memory but through Fusion-io Solid State Storage as well. The company signed a technology partnership agreement with Fusion-io and they're both looking into optimizing the future GPU architectures. The way how future GPUs (whole line up - Consumer, Professional and Compute) are going to operate is the minimal amount of on-board memory (SRAM Cache), significant amount of GDDR/SDRAM memory as close to GPU as possible and then tertiary memory subsystem in the form of either CPU host memory or Fusion-IO cache/work memory.

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    • Hey Ben...

      Whenever you or anyone else here posts something with any intellect involved, it is a F riot to see the gumptards come out like ghouls to showcase their ignorance and juvenile tartness. LOL

      Longs will have the last laugh here... just as soon as what is happening with the big customers gets revealed -- all the while the 40 or so other $1m plus/year customers begin rolling out more than their first applications on FIO solutions.

      Here's some really funny stuff -- have you noticed the sharp falloff in volume? only the gumptarded tarts remain short here, and they don;t understand the difference between "short" and "unhedged short." Since we are full up on this, fun to wonder who has been gobbling up all the shares these dopes will short... the buyside understands easy pickings here -- been done 4x already since the ipo.

      btw, for the longs who don;t understand, that ORCL missed with their largely proprietary/closed business software solutions has just about exactly nothing to do with FIOs now rapidly broadening penetration in enterprise -- even in the EU now. LOL

    • Oh that's such great insight, that must be why day after day the price action keeps increasing in value.

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      • I am long this stock and I agree with you completely. SO Ben Stiller can understand : The 4GB horsekok driver that goes in the BUTTRAMM is taking the cache from my tertiary wallet subsystem thus creating a negative feedback loop whereby I host a NUTTKICKING party at the loser CEOs house, because he is a computer tool who can't run a business. This is why I have always hated computer dooshbags.