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  • jeepcreep111 jeepcreep111 Apr 28, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    P-R-O-F-I-T.......Anyone Here Got Any Besides Me....You Discombobulated Dopes

    The Disenfranchising will continue. I've made a lot of money shorting this Discombobulated Train Wreck. Anyone else here made any money ????????????? I don't think so. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOLOL
    Let me see....a stock drops more than 50%, then comes back 5 bucks and you idiots are bragging ??????
    And now for the truth....How many of you idiots in at $25/sh ?????? about $30/sh ?????....and of course most of you are in at $35/ sh. hahahahahahahah hehehehehehehehehe .... you idiots !!!!!!!!!

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    • I do i do. And in another month I'll have $8k more profit when my 2000 shares hit $22. Yeah baby. upgrades next week, possible sale, yada yada and BOOOOOOOM

    • Ummmm....I bought 2 weeks ago at $15. Does this make me as smart as you? I really hope it does.....

    • Is it better to be discredited our disemboweled?

    • why is it a train wreck? because they realigned on a new product and short term expectations? which increased and diversified their customer base, was that why? or maybe because they have snapped up a couple of key technology companies which put them in very strong growth position immune to competition in this space? or perhaps its just that you are an as#$%$ who has no actual knowledge in this space and only look at your little bitty candle sticks... never mind i think i just answered my own question.

    • Who are you kidding. I have read your posts. You probably shorted around $17 and kept talking how after this earnings it was going to $12 or less. So you never covered until after earnings, if at all yet. So you lost money or are in the red. You could have made a bunch of money but got greedy and lost it all. Thats if you have any money to really play with? I mean if you have 10 shares short for a drop of $6 is only $60. Not much to right home about.