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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker May 8, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    Another compelling chance to buy cheaply...

    LOL... you can only F things up so many times before the buyside says, F them and their stock... but now they have the new leadership needed to restore credibility. Thankfully for longs, the technology is so compelling that revenue growth is back in the saddle now... this would all be more alarming if the cfo had been shown the door this morning along with Dave. As for the marketing guy, bfd and sfw... the engineers and the world of gearhead tech guys doesn't take much to marketing spin -- it is all about the technology performance when it comes to high end data center specifications.

    You can be sure there is more news coming re over stepping boundries, authority or #$%$ off too many BOD members with their big miss in the December Q.

    D'ya really think it is all coincindence that the HP guy is there, ready to go, AND they confidently affirm guidance which makes it clear there is no accounting irregularities? As others have noted, accounting irregularities would have resulted in the CFO also headed out the door.

    The other reality here is that if there was fraud of any kind, or other illegal acts or securities violations, there is no way they would honor contract provisions regarding termination continuance in the form of paying consulting advisory fees when no such consultations will occur. This is all part and parcel of showing the "entrepreneurial" founders the door as they are not the execution guys needed going forward. GFL to them attracting any serious VC capital for their next idea... and note the hiring continues at FIO as the business expands.

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