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  • greenguy3x greenguy3x Jul 7, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    shane robison track record

    Business Insider nov. 28 2012 has a good article reg. his peers opinion of him . My take from the article is that we are lucky to have his technical expertise and an excellent reputation and following from his HP co-workers. The Autonomy fiasco was related to financials not the technical side that he controlled. My optimism is enhanced after reading the article.

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    • I felt something's wrong when I saw Jonh Olson was added to the board. Then I checked who's actually on the board and there are three familiar names: Ray Bingham, John Olson and Shane Robison. All three were one time Cadence executives while I worked there. My impression of all three are that they are not visionaries but suits. Ray may be the best among three who tends to keep a cool head given his CFO background. Shane can talk a lot but usually not to the point. Both John and Ray are now in venture capital business. Let's hope they can bring in a buyer. FIO probably won't be able to do much on innovation with current management team.

    • Shane, is highly respected and very talented. Pinning all of these baseless analogies are the result of people that don't understand the facts but have a vested interest in a position. Results this quarter under all of the negativity is the catalyst for a much higher stock price. My opinion is the move by the board was a good one.

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      • I think know one really knows. Boards make this move all the time with new IPOs. Sometimes it turns out okay but most of the time it's a mixed bag. Generally this is the catalyst to find a different CEO yet again and the third one is the charm. Mr. Robison is not impressive. He was a big disappointment on the call. I expected much more but he just seemed like a deer in the headlights half the time. Parroting from a script and lacking any real insight or vision. Either he needs to sell the company. Which is why I think the board put him in the job in the first place. Or he needs to step aside and let a hot new CEO take over.

    • Business Insider is a cheesy website. They publish anything for money. Seems like a PR spin to me.

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      • This whole thread felt like spin to me. Robison has to prove himself still and there's no getting around that. He has to live in the shadow of Flynn until he does it that's just the way it will be. All that should matter to this forum in the near term is their guidance for next year. Let's debate the merits of the new ceo against the old one next summer.

    • The only record that counts: FIO Stock down 35% from the day he was announced as CEO. Also, for good measure, HPQ up 50% from the day he was fired. You do the math

    • Perhaps you should temper your enthusiasm a bit until we see something of substance from him and the rest of management. A start would be he push himself away from the printing press cranking out options after options as management has done here from the beginning rewarding themselves for their lousy performance.

    • Good to see FIO's pr team posts company propaganda on these forums. If they plan on posting here they could at least give us some real information we can use. Not just marketing spin about their new boss.

    • Flynn made mistake to bring this guy even to the board and he engineered a boardroom coup to push out The founders. that never works well. this is like apple de ja vu.