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  • trustco89 trustco89 Jul 12, 2013 7:29 AM Flag

    Insider sells - The "tell"

    For the last two years insiders have been selling. Not one inside purchase. Any reason to rush to trade from the long side when all the reporting employees are selling? Buy out hopes are insufficient reasons to trade a stock.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • I like to look at form 4s aswell but they are never a reason to buy or not buy a company. Any big insider buy would pop this thing and itll be too late. Earnings will be the deciding factor where we're headed, not insider buys/sells.

    • Are you new to the markets ? Insiders compensation is composed of salary, potential bonuses & incentive stock options. As this is a 2 year old public company people were enticed to come to a start-up entity with such ISOs rather than a more established technology company with potentially less risk & possibly better finances. So as these ISOs mature they are often sold as part of the compensation.
      As far as a buyout----when a stock performs poorly it often enters into the category of potential takeover, as the valuation is less and more affordable/possibly accretive to EPS for an acquirer, especially if the technology is quality. FIO appears to score highly on a number of these metrics. Either way, if the mgmt. can right the ship the stock provides a decent reward-to-risk, with the potential that an outside party could do it with an offer.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "Buy out hopes are insufficient reasons to trade a stock." You are totally correct in this statement - however, FIO has been a prime candidate for a long time and now with flash tech acquistions really heating up, the odds are much better that FIO will be bought - or at least receive some offers.

    • Just like Google and most other stocks that work on incentive based compensation. Still plenty of reasons to buy. Lot of consolidation and FIO has a great hand of cards.