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  • gregl555 gregl555 Jul 30, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

    Must View FIO Presentation

    If you are a FIO investor you must watch the presentation by David Flynn and John Spiers (NexGen CEO). Watch the entire 40 minutes...very reassuring if you have any doubt about FIO's market leading technology. Go to You tube and type in "Fusion I-O Nexgen Storage Acquisition Overview". Fantastic small group presentation. Very candid discussion. They talk about competitors and even laugh about EMC's recent acquisition...saying they basically bought obsolete technology - said EMC tried to do what FIO is doing and gave up which is why they made the recent acquisition (although a bad one according to the two CEO's). They also mention some competitors just now getting technology they had 4-5 years ago. Flynn also tells a few very interesting stories from the early days that I am sure no one has heard before.

    After watching it I have to admit I think FIO is worse off without David Flynn....I didn't understand one word he said about all the I/O and flash stuff but he is a smart SOB. He knows what he is talking about. I sure hope someone can fill his shoes as far as seeing the future of where the technology is going. John Spiers is no slouch either.

    NexGen is key...the high end market is about 8 billion....low to middle market, now in FIO's sites with NexGen acquisition, is about 16 billion.

    Also said they have done 4 data centers with Face Book so far and they have 3 more coming up (presumably with FIO).

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