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  • posiedon59 posiedon59 Jul 31, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    If you know anything about technology, FIO is a game changer and is a huge facilitator for FB and APPL architecture.

    Without wasting a single breath, anyone who puts FIO in a short or put position is really being very foolish.

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    • This board has always had a crowd of tards who know nothing about the sector shorting the sotck. As for the big shrt positions here, those are hedge offsets to far bigger net longs. They will all come off in a hurry once it is clear that FIO has regained its footing... same as seen during all three of the runs from below $20 to back over $30...

      Just maybe the new ceo will be a bit more structured than the former brashmouth who made everyone nervous and lacked street savvy. Time for a new cfo is they gafff guidance again...

      But who gives a flying F what the dip S shorts posting dog S have to say about anything -- put em all on ignore already and limit your bs intake by focusing only on posters who have something intelligent to say,.. bull bear or neutral on the stock.

    • Don't confuse technology with stock performance. The problem is that everyone has access to the same underlying technology (flash). Worse, NAND manufacturers are now vertically integrating (at least attempting to). I understand that Fusion-IO was the early leader but not sure if that will be enough in the long run. There are bigger and better players.

      Fusion-IO will have to continue differentiating with their software integration but that is not easy for a small shop. EMC etc. will eventually catch-up and lead.

      You can count on margins to come down in future. That will be another drag on future stock price.

      In the near term, it probably makes sense to play this long but don't see a bright future anymore.

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      • treene Jul 31, 2013 8:43 PM Flag

        i think fio is years ahead of anyone out there right now and all the catching up that they will have to do will just give fio that much more time to enhance what they already have. csco, fb, appl and they other biggies they have aren't with them for no reason. fio is years ahead of the competitor. this stock was brought down for 1 reason and that's because the founders we ousted. big deal. as far as i'm concerned they weren't getting the job done so time to move them out. everyone is crying about why the are gone. well cisco's founders have been gone for many years and john chambers was brought in. end of story. they have to get the new team some time....glta

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • what is wrong with selling a put