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  • dhfexpress dhfexpress Oct 30, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    Bottomline for FIO

    Flynn still shareholder and optimistic about Shane turning company around...
    Shane buys over $1m in stock with own $ speaks for itself .... Shane is more than optimistic....
    On news of Shane and other officer buying shares stock pops 16% and still no major selloff with continued accumilation so those who accumulated the mass amount of shares in the $9.50 range are also optimistic and holding.
    Technically chart showing improvement with possible gap fill back up to the $13's
    It appears the earnings report was not as dire as short spin made it out to be.
    The negative posts have dwindled to a whisper on this board so many of them likely have covered
    and if they had any sense thay did in 9's as I suggested to our now silent Johnny Lee short.
    Bottomline is FIO still will generate 100's of millions (390m is current estimate for 2014 ) and has 5000 customers approx 600 added in last qrt so if they continue to add customers at 600 per qrt they will have approx 7400 near end of 2014....projected growth is 60% for companies switching over to Flash Storage so 7400 # is very doable with FIO leading sector with best tech.
    At just over a billion market cap with no long term debt I would think a big player with holes to fill in flash would be willing to pay at least 4 times projected revenue 390b x 4 = $1.56 b = $15 and change.
    Flynn still holding his shares on turnaround prospects alone.... this guy is no sucker by a long shot ... so the question everyone needs to ask is if Flynn is still in and Shane is putting his $1m+ where his mouth is ....what are chances FIO will turn this company around. IMO as good as it gets !

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    • Its the point I made a few days ago. With Apple and FB throwing money at FIO in the early years they had no incentive or probably time to focus on expanding the customer base and on new products geared towards small to medium businesses. When FB and Apple slowed spending, which was inevitable, FIO realized they were suddenly in a "Oh !@#$" situation. That's when the scrambled to make quick changes which they are doing. 9 out 10 times when founders leave, revenue slow and CFO leaves the company is in serious trouble. But I would suggest this time it might be different. It does not make sense that they are inside every major OEM (same way Intel was and is in PC's), signing up new blue chip hyperscale companies at a good clip and winning all sorts of awards for performance that clearly out paces the competition. $9.50 will likely be a gift, which CEO took full advantage of. Seems we could be only 1-3 quarters away from seeing some stability and reversal of FIO's business....which means stock goes back to 15-20 range in quick fashion.