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  • jojopuppyfish jojopuppyfish Feb 20, 2003 1:03 PM Flag

    $85 mil out of $100

    I was suprised to hear that much has been agreed upon. All they need is one more station and I believe they have hit their goal.

    I never bought this stock for the programming. I always believed the stations are worth more than stock price.

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    • Let's clarify one thing...I doubt anyone here on this forum has bought Pax stock for the sake of their programming. We all bought into this network thinking Pax would put on decent programming, get ratings, sell advertisments, MAKE MONEY...Just like every other tv station in the country!!!! BUT NO!!!!! Pax can't sell ads, because no one they have to sell TV staions, Towers ect. to pay the bills...THIS IS HOW NOT TO RUN A SO CALLED 7TH NETWORK!!!