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  • peterthomas_1 peterthomas_1 Jun 28, 1999 10:41 PM Flag


    Some excellent 40+ posts I've finished.
    want to thank, I believe, Webpilot for the comment re:
    T's all in one concept. As you say, there is great
    liability there. In my (I'm guessing) much shorter
    experience in things, numerous times I've lost power, but
    not phone service, and power and cable, but phone
    service seems more rugged. I haven't thought of that
    much, but a good way to be prepared.
    programming. The Archie post is encouraging, not much info
    here on programming, and after all, that is the
    present. My pitch for one channel, take fickle CBS's
    market of older demos for one channel, and keep them.

    Re: NAB/local ownership. I saw that Fox ditched
    NAB on the topic. What a shame. This country is an
    embarassment in terms of the minimal selection of daily
    newspapers in National level cities. I hope the FCC and NAB
    stay strong on local ownership.
    Re: CNET
    news...great info, thanks.
    One query to some of you tech
    people...are there distinct technical advantages to the
    frequencies assigned TV broadcast vs. Cable spectrum (what
    freq is cable at, anyways?), vs. phone spectrum???

    I like the look of the drying paint.

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    • Please advise which post you write about where I
      wronged PAX.

      I agree with everything you state in
      your post.. I am long and also agree the network has a
      large asset value and BUD is in control with ownership
      of stock.. I believe that once a offer to merge or
      takeover the company is made others may step up to buy and
      we could have a fight over the company in which the
      stock price goes to the moon..

    • unfortunately u are wrong. Cooperation from bud
      is an issue. Bud owns at least 60% of the stock...he
      controls the company. Anyone looking to buy the company
      needs to cooperate...thats why bud is in a very good
      seat. He has assembled an asset base with a huge
      footprint across the nation. His network cannot be
      duplicated. Before bud started this network he was actually
      in discussions with partners such as Turner. Turner
      wanted control over the stations....thats where the
      money is. Turner was going to provide programming. When
      a deal makes sense to bud he will react. The man
      has made alot of money by selling assets that other
      experts thought didnt have the value. His group of radio
      asstes is one example. people thought they were worth
      around 300-400mm....Bud sold them for roughly

      Long and strong

    • If you�re looking for a great investment call
      U.S. Funding. I invested in their private offering for
      Emsanet- a new internet service provider that only charges
      $12 a month for service. You can call them toll free
      at 1-877-387-3863. Or e-mail them at:

    • thanks for the revision of that original 4th
      vision....very intersting.....history's a bitch.

      Sagansky....4.0=MSFT, damned that's kinda scary talk there.
      would the ol' timers here want a buy out from
      GE/WESTINGHOUSE/ with seems the new is buying the
      RE: previous DEST post...I was shocked to see
      them listed in the top 5 of Yahoo's Telecom industry
      rankings....above QWST, etc.
      Makes me kinda curiouser 'bout how
      that thar system operates....and if you check the
      "detailed research" field, it always seems the "months ago"
      ratings column should b labeled "weeks ago"...hey but who
      am I to mess w/ progrez.

    • Forgot about the preferred shares .. Bud my own
      more than 50% .. Part of my comfort in owning this
      stock is knowing that a single person in bud's position
      owns soooo much of the company.. His personal economic
      success is tied to the stock and the company and feel
      would personally be motivated to make the company and
      therefore stock price a success.. I do worry that due to
      the lack of momentum that sagansky may jump ship.. He
      does not have the big tie to the the stock that Bud
      does.. Womens Soccer.. A natural tie in with the PAX
      demographics.. Would increase station recognition and
      viewership, seasonally, if PAX could capture this for the
      network.. Am sure they are aware of how this sport that is
      coming on strong around the country.

    • With the women's World Cup Soccer being such a
      huge success, it presents an opportunity for Pax or
      another network. Realizing that ABC has the tournament,
      it still might be able to wrestle it away from them.
      How? Share some of the revenue and support women's
      soccer on a yearly basis. Don't just be fair weather
      friends, support it year round.

      I believe that Bob
      Utne originally suggested that Pax get involved with
      women's sports. Soccer sure seems like a natural.

    • I believe that Bud owns a great deal of Preferred
      stock that controls a large amount of votes. Without
      going into the SEC filings or documents, if do not know
      the exact amount of control. With the Preferred, I am
      sure that his control is well over 50%.

      If no
      one else can gain control, perhaps that is why the
      stock price lags.

    • I thought i read somewhere that bud owned 23 million shares with 63 million outstanding.. any thoughts.. thanks

    • If Bud did not want to sell, it probably would be
      very difficult, if not impossible to buy Pax. I
      believe he holds more than half the company.

      If an
      offer was made for Pax, competing offers may come out
      of the woodwork.

    • just buy it.. PAX is a public company and if another network wants to buy it PAX is theirs, regardless of buds ambition or plan for the network. cooperation in a buyout is not a issue.

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