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  • catspro catspro Aug 20, 1999 7:10 AM Flag

    pax all over the television, print ..

    today we are gonna absolutely smoke to the upside.. shorts are toasts love your informative
    posts, they seem consistent with reality.

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    • "speculators view "exclusive" talks with NBC as a
      sign that other companies aren't really interested in
      PAX -- hence no bidding war"

      Or its all GE
      inspired poop in order to keep the PAX price down.

    • Article today claims that speculators view
      "exclusive" talks with NBC as a sign that other companies
      aren't really interested in PAX -- hence no bidding war
      in sight and hence yesterday's selloff. Asserts PAX
      may not be "the prettiest girl at the dance" after
      all. Interesting coming from the NY Post -- owned by
      Bud's friend (and potential PAX suitor) Rupert M. --
      the newspaper that helped keep PAX from tanking last
      spring by headlining that AOL takeover rumor. I guess
      right now everyone's just guessing in all directions.

      Interesting theory a few posts earlier about MMs reaching
      down to scoop up stop orders yesterday. I wouldn't be
      surprised if that was part of it.

      BobUtne -- money
      for the digital buildout -- isn't that the direction
      you always felt Bud should take?

    • Pax is lead story on the front page of the
      financial section.

      Question, If all goes well in the
      next couple of months where do we see the share value
      in 1 - 2 years from now?

      In other words,
      being a novice, is this something that should be sold
      when the buyout, merger happens or will this stock
      sore as time goes by?

    • Lock
      Thank you for the feedback. It seems
      incredible that $300M could be considered a really viable
      number for the company with all of the recent favorable
      developments. I certainly hope that such a price for 1/3 of the
      company doesn't come to pass!!!

      For Friday p.m. it
      seemed $16 was basically maintained for the day until 2
      p.m.-- then someone did a very good job of driving it
      down. The benefit I guess was picking-up whatever
      shares were set to trigger out with stops. Ideal time
      for a guerilla attack-- one of the slowest days this
      year--at the slowest time of the day. Hard to see how you
      pull off pushing it down though without the market

    • The price was down because the WSJ said it was
      only a 32% buyout at $300 Mil. Those two numbers
      spooked the street. If they had said 32% at 900 Mil.

      Or 100% at 2.7 Bil., Things would be a lot different
      Remember, the Journal was quoting an unnamed source. That
      says spin to me. I think Bud will make a deal at the
      right price, and not just for him. If he can pull it
      off, we all will win.
      James Marsh has been crying
      wolf for so long that people seem to dismiss him right
      now with his $32. price. I think he is right, but it
      is still a matter of patience and timing.

      wonder what happened to that shorts are toast


    • Please comment further on the price drop this
      afternoon. It dumbfounded me that in the face of this news
      breaking the stock would actually drop!! Has the market
      actually already factored in this news to now move into
      profit-taking? I would have instead expected a flood of new
      buying today-- not such softness that someone could
      drive the price down over $1/share!!!

    • Phew, I`m all caught up. Hey Jim, as you were
      posting that I was reading them. You were right - good
      stuff. Listen guys and girls, we better get more than
      $300 million. I`m expecting $200 million for my shares
      alone. That doesn`t leave too much for the rest of you
      to split up. I`m New York where did
      I put that bullet proof vest? Welcome TEELEE, smart
      move you just made.

    • Look what NBC's investment in VVTV has done for
      VVTV since their "strategic alliance" was announced in
      March. In February VVTV was under 10$. In less than six
      months it's gone to $26 largely thanks to NBC's

    • The payoff on a strategic partnership with
      someone like GE/NBC will be immediate and huge.

      Instant credibility ... Nonstop spotlight ...and the
      additional NBC programming and cross-promotion would help
      turn PAX into a monster profit machine.

      StkrePETER -- you should read all the posts...a lot of good
      stuff today.

    • Yes, we may not see Prudential analyst price of
      $32 but this is still an exciting stock with some
      upward potential. The real gain will come from the
      investment that will allow Pax to pay down debt and invest
      in cable. Pax has a great market nich that families
      are looking for. And guess what folks- families are a
      growing audience. I for one am appauled over the current
      programming and want something better for my kids. I can't
      see how anyone could call this a money losing
      company, the new FCC change as of Aug. 5th allows another
      company to invest and will change the balance sheet over
      night. Prudential's analyst has this rated a strong buy.

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