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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Aug 20, 1999 5:32 PM Flag

    pax all over the television, print ..

    I don`t really have the time nor the attention
    span to read them all. Where is everyone coming from?
    WELCOME! I can`t believe my eyes today. The stock hits
    around 17 1/2 then closes around 15. HELLO!!!!!!! To me,
    this doesn`t sound like profit taking. There isn`t a
    person in the world you doesn`t know or at least
    stronlgly think that this stock is going to hit at the very
    least close to $30. Selling in the high twenties is
    what I would call profit taking. Selling now is
    "profit limitting". Could day traders be sticking their
    noises in hear? Seems like huge amounts of money to fool
    around with. I`ll be wearing my bullet proof vest the
    next few days. I was going to do that anyway - I`m
    going to New York for the weekend. I can just imagine
    the posts I`ll have to read when I get back in 3
    days. Is there a site where we can hear these via
    audio? Hmmmmmm??? A new internet idea??? Good Luck all.