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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Aug 27, 1999 6:23 PM Flag

    Cost factor

    I wanna no sommin? Why cum when yous guys tork
    abot alla de intelugent postas mi name is neva
    menshuned? I wanna no dat? I dink yous guiys is

    All kidding aside. This is one of the better informed
    boards I read. I certainly learned a lot about the tech
    end from this board. I only bought this stock because
    I think BUD IS A GENIUS.I`ll admit that at first, I
    didn`t know what half of you guys were talking about.
    I`ve gotten educated though. Now, I do know what half
    of you guys are talking about. Hmmmm, is that really
    an improvement? God, I own a few pennies, and you
    want to "c sum reel idiots, dose r da places". I laugh
    when I read those posts. Keep up the good work
    partners. You guys provide the smarts, and Ill provide the
    humor. Hopefully, BUD will provide the $. What a team!