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  • c_brown_01 c_brown_01 Jan 14, 2011 3:17 PM Flag

    why tiv struggling again?

    geoscience you are basher wacko

    tiv ten dollar stock

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    • the market knows what tiv is worth.

      "tiv ten dollar stock"

      Is English your first language? Is stock board pumping being outsourced to Indonesia? It sure looks like it with this latest flock of pumpers.

      Sorry, I digress.

      No, tiv was a ten dollar stock years ago back when buyers were more gullible than they are today and the pumpers were crass and cowardly known opus members unafraid of pumping the stock with wild abandon on this board.

      You missed it Sanji, there were some gullible idiots who made tiv a seventeen dollar stock for a few minutes.

      But sorry my little offshore pumping pal, tiv not ten dollar stock, tiv forty four cent stock, or probably more like a thirty cent stock that will be pumped and dumped for a few more rides.