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  • edwarddpeters edwarddpeters May 3, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

    I dont know why

    I'm blamming Cunningham, he is in charge of the day to day operations, and is stearing the ship. The board is a group of rich guys that own a bunch of companies. They have stood by Cunningham, why I don't know. They might not even notice if it goes under.

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    • Why blame Cunningham, he is only doing what uncle tom tells him to do. You cant tell me that with the loans being given the strings arent "short". Also the Board met what 18(?) times last year and EVERYONE was present at EVERY ONE of them? What the Hell did they discuss?, how to let Cunningham nose dive this company into the ground ....FURTHER?

      wont be any shareholders left to attend the agm at this rate.


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      • ● instituted an annual retainer of $15,000 for Board of Directors’ service;

        ● increased telephonic meeting fees for Board of Directors’ meetings to $1,000; no change was made to the current in-person meeting fees of $2,000;

        ● instituted an annual equity grant of $15,000 in full value Common Stock of the Company;

        ● instituted annual retainers for the Chairs of each Board of Directors’ committee: Audit - $10,000; Compensation - $5,000; Nominating and Corporate Governance - $5,000; and

        ● instituted a $20,000 annual retainer for the non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

      • Just another liar but at a smaller scale. Increase shareholder value? 100 bopd at claplan by the end of june 2010? Share holder value is down 95% since the bean counter took over and oil production at claplin is 34 bopd 2 years later. Bk is the only solution at this point.

    • They will notice.. They got big raises too....