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  • edwarddpeters edwarddpeters Oct 1, 2012 11:09 AM Flag

    Ouch only 5700 barrels

    That's not enough to even keep the lights on. What's the point, Cunningham should close up shop, I'm still wondering what he did to deserve a $100,000 raise??

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    • I told you all many months (years?) ago that it seemed VERY APPARENT to ME, especially AFTER that phockin loser FELON gloated about it HERE, that the "grand plan" was for certain "dearest friends" was to to STEAL TIV, lock, stock and barrel REALLY PHOCKIN CHEAP! And whats the best way to do that? Oh DUH...take it down the shieter so shareholders disappear, cause production to DROP OFF RADICALLY (look at last few months) right before the asset auction/bidding, and then make sure (under a different name/entity who WE MAY not know about, so everyone doesn't SUE THEIR #$%$ TOO as CO-CONSPIRATORS?...;) pick it up for fractions of pennies on dollar, distribute dough to other/same dearest friends and NO MAS for shareholders and the company blows away the bad guys skate (and do as the felon gloated here.."live the golden life as millionaires in the their golden years"?) and the DEAREST FRIENDS end up with all "billions and billions" assets AND even get the dough FROM the asset sales. Its like the last "indemnifier" (like stock was SUPPOSED to be for Opiss members?) all orchestrated and implemented by the SAME SCOUNDRELS!


      Hey , this is just MY humble opinion and facts inserted...;) LOL LOL

    • "What's the point, Cunningham should close up shop, I'm still wondering what he did to deserve a $100,000 raise??"

      My personal opinion is that Guamble finally brought in the Chunningham to "close" down shop. He probably started feeling the heat from opis members after years of failed projects, insider trading allegations, and pyramid scheme allegations came to fruition. Him being the biggest investor and largest "liabilist" made him feel a tad nervous. You know the saying, "too many loose lips sink ships"! I could see the writing on the wall but still had my blinders on with many others. The SEC needs to hang em all out until they dry and then neuter them. This shet has to stop. They could start by stripping ye old CEO Cunningham, Lynn, and Behrooze from being listed as corporate officers or (broke) brokers IN ANY CAPACITY for life. Then strip them all financially if infact they are found guilty as charged. JMHO