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  • geoisdaman geoisdaman Dec 3, 2012 12:24 PM Flag

    Who gets the PV money when its auctioned off for a couple mil?

    I mean Gamble plowed the MOST money into TIV, like $50 MILLION himself, so I say, GIVE IT ALL TO GAMBLE! It really isn't a drop in the bucket (a couple mil for 100% of PV?) compared to HOW MANY 10's of MILLIONS he lost at the hands of Bly and the felon accomplice so I say, GIVE IT ALL TO GAMBLE!!. The Opiss members have more money than God, or so the felon touted, so screw em, THEY DON'T NEED NO MO DOUGH! Gamble probably needs it for alimony payments, or other non-discretionary FINANCIAL obligations, no? Ok, thatsw it....GAMBLE GETS IT NOW QUIT #$%$ ALL OVER EACH OTHER ...DAMMIT! Greedy basturds! If you want your money back, go after the fellas who CAUSED IT and who STILL HAVE MILLIONS and are living the GOOD LIFE (in mansions on islands, on golf courses, etc), according to the felon again, after taking YOUR MILLIONS!