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  • geoisdaman geoisdaman Dec 6, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    Is TIV REALLY 1,000th of ONE CENT?Oilymess, are YOU aware of that? LOL

    Just think...when Monday comes (keep the song"come Monday..." playin in your heads..) and they UNLOAD PV for a couple mil. 1 MILLIONTH of ONE CENT and then POOF...NO MO TIV and Oilymess will be PROVEN to be a LIAR SACK of Rod poop.

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    • soooooo, if this "sale" does NOT happen then, BY MONDAY you will be a big sack of jerry hill poop!

      heck, you are already a big ol sack of surfer wannabe poop and beach wino poop, and
      "i have to lie about where I live" poop

      and a bruce jones butt muncher poop

      and a big ol swill of andybrian ""i do not know who I am""" poop.

      so I guess being rod poop isn't so bad after all eh?


      • 1 Reply to rufnekmafia1
      • "we hear all over the media about cyber bullies and here you see one fer real ROFLMAO

        what does he think?

        why does he do it?

        will he end up served? you bet

        will he lose?

        you bet,

        will he learn? oh you better believe he will learn at least ONE thing. LMAO"

        Hee hee hee hee Thrown right BACK in his egg encrusted puffy RED face! LOL LOL