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  • geoisdaman geoisdaman Jan 8, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Where is that PkrLESShead FELON, IF ANY, hiding?...DAMMIT!

    That self serving DEAD BEAT (who certain NAIVE folks thought was THEIR "dearest friend" and who said their OLD prune faced wives looked "delicious"...good for "pillow talk" money raising FROM THE OLD MAN..LOL), IF ANY, from a ROGUE 3rd world country, IF ANY, NEEDS to be STOPPED, FINED, STRIPPED of OTHER PEOPLE'S MILLIONS, IF ANY, MANSION ON ISLAND AUCTIONED OFF for peanuts like TIV's properties, IF ANY, SPANKED and DEPORTED for doing FELONIOUS deeds...IN OUR GREAT COUNTRY! IMAGINE THAT!! And NAIL HER accomplices who ASSISTED ALL THAT SHIET!

    Just MY humble opinion with NO FACTS, names, bums, DEAD BEATS , ASSERTED, DESERTED, OR INSERTED...dammit!

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    • Hell yeah! How about the video guy who used tiv's logo shouldn't he be included? No telling how many people bought shares thinking the wells he was showing were producers when in reality they were all dry holes.

      • 1 Reply to dwtreturns69
      • What BUGS ME is the part how he would have EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to proprietary insider info (actual production numbers.) and being able to STROLL into various fenced off/locked producing sites to TAKE TIV sanctioned PICTURES to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE, or make investors BELIEVE, certain things were "going on" ("like ,1000's of barrels PER DAY with tanker trucks LINED UP DOWN THE BLOCK") and then MONTHS LATER have the BALZ to come on here and ADMIT..."GRANTED...the numbers were off", with regards to Bly's (his boss?) OVER EMBELLISHED and PURPOSELY BLOATED production numbers of 1,000's of barrels of oil PER DAY, on a "steady and continuous basis".

        THAT WAS REALLY BAD!! Hey, just MY humble opinion and if you don't like it...PHOCK OFF!