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  • geoisdaman geoisdaman Apr 23, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    Went by & checked out the PV property..FRICKIN 1,000's of BOPD's baby! New owners LOVING IT!

    The Bly was right about that RIVER OF OIL....Its a a frickin BONANZA....for the NEW OWNERS!!! I feel sooo sorry the OPissies got HOSED on that and matski sold it for pennies on the dollar and just think...the NEW OWNERS ;) just put a few bucks into and BINGO its a FRICKIN GOLD MINE MONEY MAKER!!!

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    • Not to mention Temblor I was just down there and notice there was about 50 wells just pumping away. Ran into one of the workers and he said the oil is there you just have to go deeper. This guy made it sound like the owners before them weren't interested in finding oil they were more interested in stealing all the investors money, what a thought.

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      • Maybe the prior owners " over-subscribed" on this "no-lose" BIG DEAL when they peddled it to ignorant investors (Opissies?) so maybe a FELONIOUS money raiser, IF ANY, could make BONGO BUCKS on front end (front end??yea right...He always gets in the rear...LOL) and then had to GET RID OF IT FAST & CHEAP after using it for the CEO's SOLE PURPOSE, to EMBELLISH & HYPE THE SNOT OUTTA IT so IGNORANT INVESTORS would buy the stock causing it to artificially GO UP. So after a FELONIOUS money raiser, IF ANY, and the CEO got the stock to go up, they HAD TO unload it FAST & CHEAP because they couldn't divvy out production revenue for over 100% , right?

        YA think THAT could be WHY they hyped the shiet outta it and unloaded it fast & cheap and NOW the NEW OPERATOR is LOVING the prior owners #$%$ BUSINESS practices and INEPT engineering?Just like at PV, which is KICKING BUTT too! We..I mean they...are making HUGE MONEY off of prior owners INCOMPETENCE!