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  • dmiatanut_rules dmiatanut_rules Dec 5, 2007 9:36 PM Flag

    Steelers vs. Patsies

    Patsies were 'human' the last 2 games. One bad game is understandable, but 2, in a row, against big underdogs, for the supposed juggernaut?? But, the question remains, can they be beaten?

    Running the table is tough to do. Pressure grows weekly, no matter what they say. You play more carefully, you play not to lose instead of to win. Bellicheat looked pretty worried and animated near the end of the Ravens game. And, thanks to a dumbass timeout and a penalty on the Patsies on the very next play, they pulled it out at the end. Good teams do that. Same thing against the woeful Eagles and a second string QB they had to play.

    Steelers have played very average the past 3 games, in very inclement weather the last 2, but their defense has been stiffling, especially against the Bungals and their WR set which is arguably on a level with the Patsies. And Palmer is no slouch, he just gets rattled easier than Brady. But Brady can be rattled with a good rush, one the Steelers' specialties. Polamalu returns which will be a huge help.

    Patsies have a great passing game, but a poor running game. And the Steelers have the best run defense there is as far as giving up 100 yards to a rusher.

    Steelers tend to play to the level of their opponents. Hence, they should come out strong against the Patsies. Patsies may have a little loss of confidence, after 2 close games in a row by huge underdogs.

    How the Steelers win:

    1. Run the ball and don't fumble. They must get at least 130 yards rushing. Brady has to be kept off the field.

    2. No mistakes by Ben. He is the second rated passer in the league, behind Brady. He is the BEST at making a play happen while scrambling. He does throw picks when he is trying to make some plays happen and many are on tipped balls. Steelers O-line must play better and not allow sacks or hurries all game long, but on a scramble, watch for Ben to pull a big play off.

    3. Returning Steelers must have a big game. Polamalu, Holmes, they have to come up big. Steelers wide-outs are a very good group overall, but Holmes give them the deep threat. And don't forget the threat of TE Miller who is a great receiver.

    4. Pressure Brady. Blitz heavily from one side or the other, make Brady throw faster than he wants to.

    I do believe my Steelers can win, and possibly big. I do wish the game was in Pittsburgh, but you watch how many Steeler fans are in the stands waving the mighty Terrible Towels.

    All in all, this should be a great game, and Steelers can still get the second seed if Colts lose another game. My prediction/hope/wish:

    Steelers 24
    Patsies 17

    Cause dm said so.

    Hey Mr. Rooney, next year, please install a better turf at Heinz Field!

    BTW, WWE doing pretty, huh? Much better than old KM! LOL.


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