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  • sullyinma2007 sullyinma2007 Jan 8, 2008 7:33 AM Flag

    When Bucks mess with the best, they can't count on the Vest

    NEW ORLEANS -- You probably didn't see this.

    It happened in the first half when the game between Ohio State and LSU was not yet an ugly blowout, not a game that would later raise questions about the big-game coaching ability of Jim Tressel and cause people to attack the Big Ten as an overrated, bloated shell of a conference.

    OSU coach Jim Tressel will want to put memories of LSU behind him, pronto. It was still competitive when Glenn Dorsey and several of his LSU friends came crashing through the middle of the Buckeyes line and put pressure on quarterback Todd Boeckman. In the seconds afterward, two Ohio State players would start bickering with each other, right there on the field.

    It was a pedestrian argument between the two players, not a fight, not a heated discussion. Still, it was eye-opening and also a sign of a meltdown to come. It was as if those players -- and maybe the entire Ohio State team -- knew the noose was tightening even in the second quarter, and it was only a matter of time before they were dead Buckeyes.

    Before you could finish your beer and bacon cheeseburger, the game was over.

    Ohio State brought it's slow-ass players and corn-fed bullies into New Orleans and were utterly embarrassed, 38-24, by a speedier, better-coached group.

    If Ohio State played in the SEC, it'd be known as Mississippi State.

    There are three inescapable truths to arise from this game:

    First, the Big Ten is awful. The Big Ten makes the Big East look like the NFC East.

    Second, the SEC has more than earned its star reputation. It's the sexiest, most formidable conference in college football. Nothing comes close. It keeps proving it again and again.

    "SEC! SEC! SEC!" chanted LSU fans.

    Go ahead and crow. You earned it, SEC fans, with a second straight baseball-bat beating of Ohio State.

    Actually, Ohio State is 0-9 in bowl games against the SEC.


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