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  • genr_evizon genr_evizon Aug 23, 2012 6:24 PM Flag

    on Tuesday, WWE hit 8.75 on Friday below 8

    I don't know why, but I love buying @ a discount

    WWE will rebound, THE ROCK still has 1 or more matches, STONE COLD has 1 more match at a future Wrestlemania

    Shawn Michaels will have one more match


    CM PUNK and DANIEL BRYAN are good technical wrestlers like BRET HART use to be, i see DOLPH ZIGGLER having some of that

    WADE BARRETT is returning soon

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    • they have a great debt/equity ratio but you will not be receiving a 6% yield for very long. just look at it objectively. you tell me how they are going to get the money to pay millions out to shareholders? and a tour of europe or asia isnt gonna pay for a year of 6% dividends nor are those movies you keep bringing up. management owns 4% or 6% of the float? so, that's not a big deal, now have they bought any shares recently since the price has been lowered? no not really you have only LUISI MICHAEL J. come out and buy only 1812 shares at 7.96 and thats nothing, 1812 is a small amount of shares and even for him 1812 isnt a lot of shares because he has over 30k shares of wwe. if management isnt buying their product at these levels why should I? the more i learn about this company the more i dislike at as an investment thanks for getting me to think about it. its ok for watching on tv but not as an investment. good luck.

    • you are missing my point alllll together. i could care less about the "old" wrestlers you keep mentioning. i am not comparing the latest wrestlers to ones out of the 70's and 80's, you are. i am looking at a stock that has not uped their revenues in years, as its the same. they say they are going to infuse some growth in it for years, but if you are paying attention Vince wont. WWE has been touring in Asia and Latin America for years. setting up a tour here and there will not generate big money. Vince would have to setup a "PERMANANT" independent wrestling federation in these countries to generate another steady cashflow, but he would never do it. these tours only make a few million and thats just peanuts. if YOU want to compare the old ways of doing things with the new look at the WWE management. Vince is stilling running the WWE like its the 1970's/80's trying to get more air time by putting more content online. instead of getting more tv time in the 80's its online now, its the same mentality different era. he should have expanded the company years ago. and you realize there are a crap load "advisors" and WWE higher management from the 70's NWA/AWA days all around him right. Vince does not know how to currently grow that company. he did it in the 80's but its 2012. Look buy, sell, hold, short the stock, i could care less. but im not touching it until they get a meaning surge in their revenue and im not talking about a few million dollars like from their movie segment.

    • And how many of these companies that you mentioned have very litle debt,an exremely small float,majority owned by the owner,large institutional ownership? For a company with a 6 percent yield yeah I will get paid to wait not a problem with that. I have been buying and buying some more for months now.

    • the WWE revenues havent changed in years. did i mention years? Its Rev Growth (3 Yr Avg) is -2.8. Its EPS Growth (3 Yr Avg) is -19.0. the payout ratio is bad as i illustrated it for you. do a stock screener, you can find something better than the wwe for a better dividend. While i'm on a particular messageboard i don’t like when ppl talk exclusively about other stocks so i wont give a specific stock out here on the wwe board. right now im looking at downtrodden basic materials and wireless regional telcos that look better than the wwe right now. i really dont have the stomach to research another entertainment stock when i have a whole list of other stocks on my stock shopping list. id rather look at services and commodities ppl are gonna always need rather than entertainment. if you go out of the entertainment sector you’ll find lots of stocks in this downbeaten market easily. good luck.

    • "better revenues, better growth perspectives and that have better dividend payout ratios that are cheaper than shares of WWE" troublesacoming what are the names of these companies? I'm interested.

    • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh yeah, with the market going straight downhill i dont have wwe at the top of my buying list. dividend cuts, no wwe network, and the winter is traditionally a downturn time on wwe earnings until wrestlemania= i wouldnt touch this thing. savage spins around claps the hands and says "can you dig it?" oooohhhh yeah. just say no to a company that barely turns a profit. 30million? as for their product, they have 3+ hrs of the same type of show every week. its stale, they think if they add more plot and nonsense ppl will give them more $$. lolol. they had what they needed with new material with ECW and they killed it. They couldn’t take ecw nationally and keep it separate from the wwe. I would have paid anything to see Taz suplex any of the primadonnas you mentioned into the crowd or have New Jack jump from the lights putting them through a table to a “OH MY GOD” by Joey Styles anytime over what wwe does. Id always rather see some stunts by a newbie wrestler that will mess up during a match and the crowd gives em the "You Fed Up" chant than the same ole roided up guys prancing around the ring doing the same thing. Lets see some stunts, lets see some comedy, not the same ole wwf/wwe stuff. Now back to the stock, get me stronger earnings, a reliable dividend and I might climb into the ring with wwe, but for now im not interested.

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      • The WWE is making more money now than they have ever made in the history of the company and that is a fact. Sure you can like all of the old wrestlers that you mentioned but they are now all well past there prime and many have retired or need to retire. The PG rating that you seem to not like has brought additional business from Disney, Mattel, National Guard, SONIC, Warner Bros, and the list goes on and on. The dividend is reliable,the company has little to no debt. We have income from Youtube,millions of likes on Facebook and Twitter. The latest tour of China was a huge success and the WWE is currently searching for a Chinese superstar to promote the company in the region that is just beginning to be explored and has billions of potential customers. WWE 13 video game is getting released early ahead of the Christmas shopping season and looks very good and getting great reviews. Additional tv shows coming online for ION TV and a new childrens tv show starting this weekend. Additional revenue from 1 extra hour of Raw every week,better PPV numbers. Just had early this year a successful tour of Latin America. And finally the new APP launch at the Apple store and Google are a huge hit with lots of content.

    • Smart move I have been adding to my holdings for months. This stock is cheap and you get paid close to a 6 percent dividend for waiting. The recent Warner Bros. partnership announcement for work on a scooby doo project is exciting. For starters merchandise is huge for this project. Think lunch pails, backpacks, cups,etc. not to mention DVDs and future cross promotions. In addition I did some research the WWE investment as stated in their report is 5 million dollars in TOUT. Now on Touts web page they said they issued about 13.5 million so it is very important to watch the development of this exciting social media company.

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