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  • daveedandlaura daveedandlaura Aug 29, 2013 6:07 PM Flag


    Seems interesting to me that Panda Energy is the majority owner of this company.

    An unlikely business venture for an energy company to be sure. Wonder how much if anything Impact Wrestling contributes to the bottom line of this company.

    Now that appears that they have taken this product on the road, what are the attendance numbers at their house shows for the televised and non-televised events. I will be attending the event at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland later this evening, so hopefully I can get an approx number in a venue that can seat 14,000 +.

    I don't expect a capacity crowd.

    Now if Impact Wresting should go out of business, the talents currently in their roster that might be of interest to WWE would be Angle, Aries, and perhaps Styles and Samoa Joe,. I believe that Style's current gimmick will damage his character. Samoa Joe doesn't have the look that VInce would want, and his microphone skills could prove to be another drawback in the WWE.

    Hardy while he could draw fan attention has far too much baggage. Not so sure that Sting has drawing power anymore, He is nowhere near the wrestler he was when employed by Turner. The rest of the roster couldn't draw flies . Magnus and Rob Terry have that 'chisled look" that Vince always seem to take a liking to, but those two mic skills are horrrendous at best. Same for Matt Morgan wherever he may be at this time.
    Matt would benefit from speech lessons, he does have much upside potential.

    The only female wrestlers with any talent are Sky, Kim and James and the only James and Velvet are capable of enhancing the Diva' s division . Kim burned her bridges when she left WWE. The other ladies just don't either have the look talent recognition or any combo thereof to bother with.

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