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  • korbelbrandy korbelbrandy Jun 12, 2012 8:58 AM Flag


    Do any of you see any impact on this stock if, in November, Obama loses the election? What, in their holdings, is politically sensative?

    I have a small long position and am thinking about adding to it. I am just curious about this aspect.

    I do not intend to open some boring political dialogue in general, just how politics may affect this stock specifically.


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    • wintersfamily0793 Jun 13, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

      The political climate will affect the market as a whole, while not a specific stock.

      two political issues that will affect the market

      1) presidential election - R is considered more business friendly by the market and will extend that bush tax cuts, will help the market by providing clarity, if D is elected I don't think we see a drop really but not a rally, market rallies when a new president takes office on hope

      2) debt ceiling and deficit spending - the debt ceiling issue will be coming up again this fall, you know how it affected last time...problem with the debt issue is that even if the ceiling is raised, our debt is on the verge of becoming too much to ever pay back, if we don't see a turn around and a budget or plan to begin reducing the debt, even a little, in the next year or two, the market will definitely be affected

    • I don't see a real political connection outside how it might affect macro-econ.....they own/loan commercial -> hotels, office, retail....mostly float but IO product so always risk of getting REO