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  • paintedblk paintedblk Jan 31, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

    Out at $13.27

    I was a long time believer, and long in CXS. I thought their original business plan was simple, and a winner. I pared my holdings before the long ride down, and upped my holdings prior to the ride back up. It was an interesting ride.

    I have nothing against NLY, and they're actually 1 of my biggest holdings. But, I wish they had sold to Starwood when that offer came in, or that I was prudent enough to have sold at that point, on the rumor.

    But I did take the opportunity to clear out CXS, on today's spike. Instead of more NLY, I opted for more of a company that better mirrors the original CXS business model, NRF. I converted all my CXS today, to NRF, which should, again, be raising their dividend, imminently.

    I wish all CXS longs the very best of luck.

    Sentiment: Hold