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  • parksplaza parksplaza Jun 16, 2010 12:13 PM Flag

    SMBL should rebound to $4.50

    very soon

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    • i'm back, just returned from a 40% run in NMTI. SMBL is clearly going back to 4.50, I will buy on any dips.

    • just sold 4.15, will be back a later time.

    • When Hottie talks - I listen!!!

      I have traded in and out of this stock very successfully for 2 years - getting out in May before earnings after buying the March dip.
      I was going to buy in again when I saw the stock price go below $4 last week. Read her post and theory for a $4 handle. Went to the mountains for a few days to escape my coastal heat without a "limit order" in . Came back yesterday, darn (or yea!! for me)- stock price under $4.00.

      Guess I will wait for $3.25. But add to her reasons my harping on the management excessive options target that could represent 60% of the current share float in 3 years, excessive severence payments, and the fact that for this year the stock broke $5.00 for a good time and now some mutual funds can not own it.
      This company is very shareholder unfriendly.

      See y'all around $three.
      Small stock lovers - try VDSI for a better stock to play in small cap trading. They are hitched to the success of banks who want security software.

      Hottie seems to be a very successful SMBL short who escaped any cheerleaders foul wrath by writing discouraging posts very nicely. Loving good products does not necessarily make a good investment criteria with an overdebted, shareholder unfriendly company that consistently underdelivers on their plan.

    • When they get debt and shares outstanding down it will be worth $4.50. Hopefully they can do it before their pattern expires on their top product. Without positive growth, this could see $3.25 pretty easy. You have to ask yourself, what if the milk flops and somebody makes a very similar spread? Or the exact same spread after the pattern expires.

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