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  • peter_parker0_0_7 peter_parker0_0_7 Feb 26, 2013 9:52 AM Flag


    Did you think that last dump to 0.04's last week was bad?? Wait until you see this dumpage! Scam company

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Hi Everyone,

      The first 48 hours following our release is almost always a good indicator of things to come. Momentum is without a doubt a great friend, but longevity is what really defines the biggest winners we’ve ever had.

      Yesterday we watched REDG soar to a high of $0.15 on tremendous volume!

      While today may not appear as exciting just yet, if you go back to our past picks that have seen gains of OVER 1000%, you will notice they always follow this very same pattern!

      Remember, patience is key. We’re standing by REDG for the weeks to come and if you stick by us, we think you will be a VERY happy subscriber!

      Now let’s take a deeper look at what makes Red Giant Entertainment so great…

      REDG is on a path to become the largest online comic book publishing company in the world. They are already the largest publisher of exclusive comic book material on the internet, but they want more!

      REDG already has readership that numbers in the MILLIONS globally!

      This is extremely important because this reach doesn’t just mean awareness from comic book readers, but potential HUGE profits in the advertising arena!

      Our team loves seeing a recent acquisition of a competitor for $144 Million, but we believe that could be chump change in comparison to what REDG is chasing!

      We’ve mentioned iBooks in previous emails, and with good reason. By the end of 2011 iBooks recorded over 200 Million downloads. With REDG offering the largest selection of comic book downloads out there, it seems obvious to us that there is a big piece of the pie available to take advantage of!

      Where do you think REDG would be trading if it was to strike a deal with Apples iTunes or another digital downloading giant?

      Going in to the weekend we want you to keep your mind on two things:

      1. REDG is a rare, attractive, ground floor opportunity, on the verge of breaking out.

      2. Where will you spend your profits when REDG makes a deal with an industry GIANT?

      Pun intended!

      Happy Trading!

    • is your name peater puffer parker now thats funny LMFAO yeahh u seem credible enough

    • MWIP is now down -12%.......a drop in the bucket of things to come!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell