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  • keephouse2002 keephouse2002 Oct 11, 2006 1:43 PM Flag

    Question about earnings ?

    Hi - new to this company - Will tehy ever earn a profit ?

    When is their expected break even point ?

    Sound like a possible future ?

    when do I buy in ? at 6 ?

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    • Hi - new to this company - Will tehy ever earn a profit ? NO

      When is their expected break even point ?October 12,2191

      Sound like a possible future ? Sounds like what????

      when do I buy in ? at 6 ? No wait till exactly 5.625 which will occur Nov 23, 2012

      Any other brillant question or comments you may have, please feel free to post them here, every other bozo does...

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      • That was a bit of a harsh response to the original questions.

        This board is largely ignored/undiscovered - not much posting of any kind actually.

        This company has invested in R&D and received FDA approval on the devices. Those costs are largely over.

        They have been focusing on more cost efficient manufacturing of filters, getting the approval for basically shipping concentrate and having the patient mix up the treatments at home. All significant cost savings that go to the bottom line since the care and feeding appears sold as a service.

        The latest costs have been in building up sales, marketing, and essentially trainers on how to use the product at home.

        Largely my opinion is that they have gone from pure R&D (and approvel) to staffing up sales, etc for distribution. There is ongoing R&D, component cost improvements, etc. but staffing up for the anticaped growth in sales is why the last secondary and perhaps the reason for another one yet to come.

        This is still a startup company. First phase (product development) is essentially over, Second phase - FDA approvel for main product is over, Third phase - clinical trials is over, Fourth phase - ramping up sales, installation, training, etc is where NXTM is currently at.

        My opinions only and some over simplifications. Listen to the old conference calls. Still a gamble but atleast they do have an approved product and are building a market. As stated on a CC - after a person starts on a device they stay on that device unless there is a really good reason to change. I translate that to mean that new NXTM users will remain NXTM users. As dialysis centers get more patients on NXTM so that they don't have to travel to the center NXTM users will increase. There have been some comments that make sense that doctors would rather have someone do dialysis everyday rather than 3 times per week. Now it appears that the cost of NXTM is probably less than at a dialysis center. This is without oportunity cost (lost of time commuting to the center, lost time while a person is there, etc. They are finding NXTM useful for critical care patients - they don't need to move them to the dialysis center for treatment.

        Do some research of your own. Since this is basically still a startup there isn't much info available and the past financials don't mean much to me. They will loose money for some time as they staff up. Lots of potential here though, it's a gamble. A big player in reinal care could buy always them out. Or someone looking for a recurring medical revenue stream could take a serious look at them.

        Gotta run. Just thought that you deserved a little better of a response.


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