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  • jcard71 jcard71 Sep 11, 2007 3:22 PM Flag

    I use to work at Nxstage...what a joke of a company!

    It's just like Vasca...going nowhere!

    Vasca was the parent company.

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    • wsmola Oct 17, 2007 8:54 PM Flag

      What I know, there are two types of dialysis, Hemo-dialysis and Peritoneum. Baxter is the leader of Peritoneum, and was prior to Nxstage arrival; peritoneum was the primary home dialysis treatment. My wife is a kidney patient, and uses the next stage system. There are more health issues with the catheter getting infected vs. a fistula.

      Nxstage is at the cutting edge of home hemo-dialysis, though I’ve heard Baxter is working on it. I own the stock because I believe there is a growing audience for this product. Time will tell, hope this helps.

    • I am new to this board - but I have recently been convinced that Dialysis is the future with a HUGE market.

      NXTM seems to be the only game in town. Is this true - or should I be looking elswhere.

      Thanks for any (intelligent) thoughts!

    • The previous poster gave two good ones. For anyone interested in the industry/technology in general I'd recommend visiting That site covers the industry, but also has discussion boards, at least one of which is focussed on home/nocturnal dialysis. As with most subjects, any of these sites will make reference to others on the same topic. As with any new technology you will find posts by people who think they have found the fatal flaw or insurmountable problem with a product. They are generally wrong. What is useful is to read the thoughtful posts about the plus/minuses of a particular technology, including NxStage's.

    • Hello Jim Cardoso,

      Many of the folks who do work at NxStage would love to hear your critical anlysis of thier current operations. I am sure you have all the inside information and I personally would love to hear what you find so troubling with the company. Feel free to expand upon your "shot across the bow" statements. I as well as other investors here will be waiting for this juicy information you have to share. If you are just a jaded ex-employee... well maybe your leaving was a plus more than a negative... waiting for response.

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      • Hello!!

        Same management as Vasca and we now how well they did..OUT OF BUSINESS!

      • wsmola Sep 12, 2007 2:00 PM Flag

        I'm both a stock owner and my wife uses the machine 6 days a week. What I find troubling is two fold at this point:

        1. In order to cut cost ( i believe ) nxstage is mfg in Mexico. However, I'm concern the same level of quality control is not in place, hence the leak issue.
        2. The redisgn of the cartrage had another side effect, the artieal pod isn't reading correctly. In order to make it work, Technical support suggested stoping the machine once the pod is full of blood, disconnecting it, reconnecting and start dialysis back up. You got to be kidding! The problem with the cartrage needs to be corrected so the extra step isn't needed.

        My two cents, you folks have a great product, and potential for growth with stratigic partnerships (such as DeVidia) and an aging babyboomer population, number of kidney patients has to go up, now is the time not to go backward on the product you produce.

    • Maybe you could answer a couple of question?
      Did the FDA order the recall or was it voluntary?
      Where were the faulty cassettes manufactured?

      Any help here would be appreciated.


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      • I can't answer all of the questions but I think I have some insight on a few. The FDA wasn't mentioned on the call or the 8k (atleast that I remember). Therefore I assume it was voluntary - still not a good thing but voluntary.

        The part was made by NXTM and sent to Medisys to put into the cartridge. Apparently an alignment issue was the cause. They have since made it so that the mis-alignment (that caused the leak) cannot happen. It was a combination of material at the low end of spec's and a 'design improvement' and it took both to have the failure. The leak did not show up in in-house testing. The failure rate (while serious and annoying) was still under 1/2% overall of the cart's. The problem has been solved and the lot's that had the problem were recalled/replaced. This will cost 2.1-2.5 million - thus the 8k.

        I don't recall if the component NXTM was made in Mexico or not. I do know that I believe all manufacturing is in Mexico, or moving to Mexico over the next year or so (other than the Medisys portion). This includes machines and disposables. Sounds like they are gambling that they have MORE control manufacturing in Mexico than outsourcing most of this stuff as they had been doing. I guess overall Mexico isn't such a bad choice. Since effectively being made in the USA would definately post-pone NXTM becomming profitable.

        BTW I dont' know if Medisys does all their manufacturing in the US (but I would doubt it).

        Perhaps the guy with the inside information can help fill in the blanks. Or anyone else for that matter.


    • Are you feeling some pain - or do you not interest in the stock?

      Seems linda funny one of the few negative posts on a day the stock is up a buck.


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