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  • david_reaves david_reaves Jan 24, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    I Repeat... Get This One While You Have Time

    I've been using the NxStage System 1 and Pureflow at home since December 2009. I first used it in the short daily modality and I am now using it for slow, extended, daily dialysis. I actually only treat 5 days a week. Previously I have done peritoneal dialysis, in-center hemodialysis, and had a kidney transplant.

    I'm very happy with the NxStage system. It is the only home hemodialysis system that provides the patient with the flexibility to travel with their system and continue the frequent modality. Other home users (with Fresineus, for example) still generally only dialyze three days a week. They also must find a clinic and get scheduled if planning to travel. Those systems also require separate power, a separate water filtration system, and are more complex to set up, maintain, use, and clean.

    The ONLY complaint I have about the NxStage system is that the dialysis machine, while portable, is too heavy for one person to carry. It is easy to set up, easy to use, and can be used anywhere there is normal electric power and a drain. For travel, the clinic prescribes and NxStage provides hanging bags of pre-mixed dialysis solution, so you don't even really have to have a source of water.

    I have felt substantially better since I started the extended treatments. My lab values have improved, and the measured clearances are good. I'm fairly certain that I should be able to continue dialysis with NxStage indefinitely.

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