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  • wooglin_kai wooglin_kai Jul 28, 1999 9:48 AM Flag

    Stine At NYSE Opening

    Nice to see Stine and Tejon banner above the
    floor at the opening. Quite a bit of free PR lately.

    I like TRC long term but have to wonder if the
    share price will follow its past history after nice
    run-ups. Is this an opportunity to sell and buy back in a
    few weeks?

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    • At these levels, I just might have to buy some
      more of the Ranch to round out my position! (Last
      purchases were this year at 16.75 & 18.75...will we see
      those levels again? Interesting to note that TRC's high
      for the year was achieved via NYSE
      announcement...basically down since then. TRC has a great story to tell
      and it is just beginning to tell it (read develop). I
      like what I see management doing. I like the company
      investors have with Marty Whitman et al even better! No
      panic here!

    • to surface--wow, the trading is s....l......o.......w, even embarassing, for a great big NYSE stock!!

    • then yahoo and ebay and inktomi must be venus
      flytraps - gotcha!!!! and i'm gonna suck all your juice
      out of ya, ya lil' pesky pest....

      heh, heh,

      hey, just don't stick your hooves in


    • of things going on at the ranch. as we will see
      soon enough.
      you guys think that every corp. move
      and plan has to be fully detailed and distributed to
      shareholders first, come on. read between the lines. its like
      Stines said in the annual report it is like a
      tree?(plant) you dont see the hole thing it has many tiny
      roots that can surface anywhere at any time!

    • ex my man,

      you hit the nail on the net....
      do you work for a cyber company??? i do believe
      that's how business is done on the net these days....
      earn nothing today, build up the client base, eat
      those losses, watch your stock price skyrocket, then
      worry about profits later....

      you the man, not
      too late now to mention it to the lebec team and see
      if they pitch a loaf.... mooooo.....

      got all the shareholders behind you.... moooooo....

    • should be on the phone making "cold turkey" sales
      calls, trying to rent some of the Petro lots... They
      could rent them almost for free, with provision to jack
      rents up in five years or so. TRC has nothing to lose
      and everything to gain by picking up users for its
      vast acreage, even if all the profit depends on
      extending leases later. Let the tuna build their warehouses
      and get in the habit of using Tejon Ranch; later the
      easiest thing for them to do will be to pay the
      extortion... But if NOTHING happens now, NOTHING happens

    • "Anyway, historically, has TRC moved up in the
      fall or does it get slaughtered all the time like the
      rest of the market?????"
      It sure got killed last
      year! Fortunately I wasn't in it.

      As for the
      rest of your inquiries, the answer is YES. The board
      are the real estate managers. The value is in real
      estate, not operations. Or the price would be about 6. So
      the next development announcement is probably the
      next leg up.

    • was not meaningful evidently the audobon(bird
      people) put out a statement talking about wind farms and
      how they shop up CA Condors by the hundreds and TRC
      never allowed wind farms because they are ugly. TRC is
      marching to its own dummers as we shall see soon enough.

    • I didn't see any news, has anyone

      Ahh, it is that time of year when the leaves turn
      color and there is a chill in the morning breeze that
      makes the cattle get "reproductive", yes? <For some
      reason, humans are like that everyday, but I
      digress...> Anyway, historically, has TRC moved up in the
      fall or does it get slaughtered all the time like the
      rest of the market?????

      And what about them
      other developments, or is the board sitting back and
      soaking in their glories from the qwest, enron and
      housing devpt. deals...... I mean, from 18 to upper 20's
      and sitting is good, but why not more activity, guys
      and gals??? And why the hell is it the board doing
      all the work???? In most companies, the staff does
      all the work, like lower, middle and upper mgmt....
      the board just meets once a month (at most, for most
      companies....) and approves/vetoes high-level strategic
      issues.... why is this board doing all the nitty-gritty????
      or is this companies middle management the
      ranch-hands/cowpokes and lower management out to pasture grazing the
      beautiful Lebec????

      Heh, heh, heh....

    • hope it's good.

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