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  • hardatech hardatech Oct 24, 2007 3:48 PM Flag

    madness redux

    I'm on the sidelines because I'm just too old fashion to pay this much. Wow, though. What a sparkler this stock has been.

    P/E is way over 100 already and the quarter has barely begun.

    It's already exceeded the BRAND NEW 12-month (TWELVE MONTH)target of one broker (around $290 or so), and it's within $10 of the BRAND NEW 12-month targets of two other brokers.

    Boy, you longs have guts. Too rich for my blood, though. I cannot help thinking that someday soon there will be some hell to pay.

    Good luck.

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    • I tend to agree with you're last statement. I sit here and read all the glorious "adjectives" being thrown around and remember the times when reality finally struck home.
      The scariest thing to hear is "It's different this time..."

      Enjoy the journey....

    • It might correct some but this company is the wave of health care surgury. some day all surgury will be done this way.

    • Yeah - I bought a bunch ($40K worth) at a hundred, so I'm happy. This stock could be a "gorilla" aka the gorilla game book - untapped market, substitution far from easy in the short to mid term. A possible game-changer. These kind of stocks can see PE's climb to way way over 100. They will almost always come down once it looks like the big wave of growth is over, and on any bad quarter.
      All they need is declaration of a stock split and you'd see another 10% gain.

      Or it's a flash in the pan and is way over valued.

      This stock is not for the faint of heart and not for someone who is unwilling to eat a 50% loss on the investment for a non-zero chance of a 2-4x gain. Market cap is still "only" 12 billion - hype stocks can get way, way over that amount.

      Note - I'm not saying anything about what the "real" value of the company is - just the stock. In reality - if they revolutionize that way many surgeries are performed and it takes off throughout the whole world then 12B may seem cheap in a year.

    • "Boy, you longs have guts. Too rich for my blood, though. I cannot help thinking that someday soon there will be some hell to pay."

      I'll say. I bought into ISRG in mid-September, at $216, and sold the day after the earnings release at $276, right before it slumped down into the $260's, and thought I was pretty amazing for catching the peak, with nearly a 30% gain for a 3-week hold. Then it took off again. I must say, I've been tempted to buy in again given the way it keeps rocketing up 2-4% per day, but this can't go on much longer. I don't see how this P/E can be supported. This has gotten way too expensive for me.

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