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  • rdube11 rdube11 Dec 10, 2007 10:41 AM Flag

    Major insider selling +++++

    Here are cold hard facts:No bullshit just facts. Gentlemen stick to facts and forget teh rest please.

    Look at very recent insider selling:

    1.President Gary Guthart just exercised and sold 48% of his position 5 and 7 years respectively before his options expired.

    2.VP J McNamera just exercised and sold 91% of his position 6,7,8 and 9 years respectively before his options expired.

    3.Director Richard Kramer just exercised and sold 100% of his position 7 years before his options expired.

    4.Director Eric Halvorson just exercised and sold 37% of his position 7 years before his options expired.

    5.VP John Runkel just exerciced and sold 72% of his position 8 years before his options expired.

    6.Director Levy just exerciced and sold 69% of his position 7 years before his options expired.

    + very hefty valuation. How can you explain that intend to do 3.46 next year which is only 12% higher than this year and that it trades at a P/E of 110 !

    + This stock almost doubled since mid August on no major news.

    + competion is just behind them, watch and see.

    Facts and only facts please

    Thanks and remember the logic of finance.

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    • If you are going to put bull on this web site then get you facts right Exersizeing options is not selling moran.

    • No major news? What the heck are you talking about. Last earnings blew away estimates. Just last week some analyst (I don't have is name in front of me) says that ISRG will outperform the NASDAQ. Someone help me on that because my memory is bad but I remember reading about it. Also, Insiders might be selling for a variety of reasons and the plain truth is neither you nor I know why. They could be covering losses, buying a bigger home, planning major vacatios. Who knows?

    • bunch of people [not men, mind you: people] get together with an idea... bunch of regular janes and joes with a common educational background/technological focus. Said idea is not only a humanitarian success, but also a commercial success beyond their wildest dreams. In a very short period of time after a long history of perfectly appropriate, conservative management, their stock not only does very nicely as it had been for several quarters, but then jumps outrageously.
      the regular janes and joes cash in *some* WHILE they administer to the next levels, a whole new ballgame. As they CONSISTENTLY provide VERY low guidance relative to actual performance, it is likely that the explosive growth in stock price will continue... leaving whatever percentage they did not exercise to quickly equal in value the larger percentage of shares they cashed in.
      they cashed them in because to work hard and hold off on instant gratification until things are exploding in your favour is the American Dream, and it was time for them to enjoy new houses, rvs, childrens' weddings, liposuction and a nose job, vacations, braces for all six or their kids, and all the other niceties of life.

      as a matter of fact, so have I along the way. Not for those things, but for whatever I damned well chose.

      me agrees: you got burned and are bummin. So sorry.

    • It's very dangerous to short ISRG. Methinx that's what you have done.

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