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  • handsomeone2006 handsomeone2006 Jul 23, 2009 9:20 AM Flag

    Ahole Cramer? Analysts Credibility? You Jerks

    I would hope this teaches you all a lesson "LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF" dont rely or make trading decisions based on the numbskulls on TV.
    Anyone here that did, should not be in this game.

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    • Cramer, the S&P $118 report, and all of the analysts have less credibility. The time to say it was overpriced was when it traded over $300, and we were heading towards a massive recession. When it got down to around $100, Cramer could have turned.

      He could have said this company makes a special product, and while the P/E looks high, its not that high if you factor in how much cash ISRG has on hand. If the stock is at $200, and they have $20 per share of cash on hand, I would use $180 to calculate P/E.

      Perhaps use Cash Flows from opperations and not GAAP earnings when considering P/E. For example GAAP earnings for 2009 will probably be $5.25, where as free cash flow from opperations will be around $8. So, there you have it, 22.5 x 8 = $180. ($200 -$20 cash). If you look at it like this, the P/E is only 22.5 current year earnings, which is reasonable.

      But valuations are going to improve, because after yesterday, everybody and brother are going up grade it, and raise estimates.

    • system_architect_enterprise system_architect_enterprise Jul 23, 2009 11:05 AM Flag

      Hey dumbass - do you really not get your information from any other person, company, or source? If you get any information from anybody other than yourself then STFU. You don't go out to all ISRG's hospital customers and audit their financial sheets and POs yourself - you rely on information that other people get for you.

      So shut the hell up asshole. Everybody relies on other people for research, information, raw data, etc. Nobody said they made a trade (buy or sell) just because one dipstick on TV said something. Cramer was one data point of many, and he offered his WRONG interpretation of the outlook.

      You get YOUR information from other sources too whether it be from the company's IR, or Reuters, or CNBC, or Yahoo, or whatever. You do the same thing that you are bitching to other people about.

      Many of us hold people accountable - so if Yahoo posts wrong data, we hold them accountable. If Cramer makes a bad recommendation we hold him accountable for that information. Similarly we hold ourselves accountable for the trades that we make based on all available information including our own research.

      Since you don't do your own research, all you do is go look at all the analysis done by OTHER PEOPLE - you need to STFU.

    • goldisgoldisgoldisgolden goldisgoldisgoldisgolden Jul 23, 2009 9:22 AM Flag


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